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Lease Leasing Finance FinancingTime and money, they are two of your most valuable resources.  The financing specialists at Dick Clark Associates help save you more of both by providing for you the best financing options available.  

We are confident in our ability to structure a lease or finance for you that will meet both your timing and cash flow needs.   Simply fill out the information below and our finance consultant will contact you shortly with a credit decision or contact us at 888-338-4585.

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The Benefits of Leasing

Payments Made from Pre-Tax

You may be able to save more by amortizing the cost of your equipment through tax deductible lease payments than through depreciation and after-tax cash flow.

Conservation of Capital

When you lease equipment, you make only monthly payments.  And since there’s typically no down payment to start with, your cash reserves can be used for more important purposes, such as the financing of growth. 

Total Financing

100% of your equipment cost can be financed through a lease program.  That includes freight, installation and some incidental charges.  In addition to keeping your capital free, total financing can enable you to get the equipment you really want.  So you won’t have to compromise or settle for less than you need.

Preservation of Credit Lines

Unfortunately, some of the credit available to you today might not be there tomorrow if you exhaust your line of credit with a major purchase.  Leasing the equipment you need, however, helps preserve valuable credit lines while giving you the financial resources you need.

Protect Against Obsolescence

If you lease, you never have to worry about having to sell outmoded equipment in the future.  At your option, disposing of the equipment will be up to us after your lease is up.  This means you can easily enjoy the latest technological advances in your field.  And provide the best, most efficient service to your own customer.  Note that most leases will also give you the option to buy your equipment, should you choose to keep it indefinitely.


Leases are typically much simpler to apply and qualify for then most conventional bank loans.

Save Under Changing Tax Laws

Now, leasing is even more attractive, thanks to laws that extend depreciation periods for most equipment purchases.

Greater Budget Flexibility

Most leasing plans can be structured to accommodate available funds, helping you acquire more than budget ceilings might otherwise allow.

Hedge Against Inflation

When you purchase equipment, you must rely on depreciation to recover some of your costs.  but this will inevitably be done with tomorrow’s inflated, less valuable dollars.  leasing helps put inflation on your side.  it continually decreases the real cost of your lease payment because you will be paying with tomorrow’s eroded dollars.

Flexibility with Loan Covenants

Depending on the language and intent of covenants in your existing loan agreements, leasing may provide financing not available through conventional financing means.