4 Common Mistakes When Buying a Tire Changer

VD October 10 2021

You will probably go for a tire changer if you decide to offer a complete wheel service for the customers or expand your current inventory or service offering. The tire machine model you are to purchase must cater to different types of tires that your customers bring to you, whereas your technicians should know how to use it. As compared to the car lifts that are pretty easy to figure out, the tire changers can be difficult to understand.

A tire changer can have a number of features that you may not have heard about. Usually, these are strange-looking and sophisticated devices that may have tilt-back towers, hydraulic-drop rollers, and interchangeable duck heads. Which brand you should be going for and how to decide about the features you need depends on how well-informed you are as well as your preferences.

The price may also be a deciding factor in bringing a tire changer to your shop. If you want a tire changer that will work for all the standard sizes of the tires, then it is essential to find out how much you have saved from buying an inexpensive one. You need to know what you are paying for and whether or not you are getting value for your money.

Here is a list of four mistakes made when purchasing a tire machine:

Mistake #1: Going for the most expensive one

It is never a good idea to go for the tire changer that is the most expensive one. Although some models cost more, it is worth noting that these are made only for high-performance tires. You will find specific features of these machines to be very appealing, but they can indeed hold you back if you are not in a high-performance market.

These models do not go well in training and servicing the economy tires that you service in your shop. You need to know that there is no such thing as a ‘best tire changer for all’, so it will be much easier to decide when you have decided which market you are going for.

When trying to find out how much money you should spend on a single tire carrier, you can take into account how often your technicians will be using them and their experience level. If they are experienced, then it is possible to buy one with more features; if they aren’t, then it would not justify spending too much or buying a complicated machine that can give trouble and result in increased amount of maintenance time and costs.

Mistake #2: Ignoring the manufacturer and the warranty

You cannot be an expert in different matters, but there are a number of tire machine manufacturers that don’t offer any good warranty, even they are aware that a tire changer may need maintenance. If you find the manufacturer not standing behind the product, then you should keep in mind that it is helpful to buy a product from a reputed manufacturer. Some companies have a nationwide network of certified repair services to get high-quality assistance with both the labor and the parts.

The warranty should cover the entire product, not just select components. If you find an excellent tire changer for your store but it is only covered by a 1-year warranty on some parts instead of the whole machine, then you should consider purchasing another model that has more comprehensive coverage.

Mistake #3: Imagining that a clamp of a specific size will serve the exact size tire

You may think that a turntable clamp can extend to a specific diameter; it never means that it will be servicing a tire of the same size. In order to grab the tire, the clamps need to retract. Therefore, you can jam a tire and hope that it will fit. If you want the tire changer to work in a proper manner, the size of the tire needs to be much smaller than the turntable’s maximum extendable range.

Even if this mistake is made, the best tire changer will come with an adjustable turntable that can be extended to fit other sizes. You cannot assume that all clamps are the same. A tire machine with adjustable turntable is always preferable, but you can buy one if it is not available in your market.

Mistake #4: Not considering the model with an assist arm

You may not know the importance of an assist arm if you have been using a manual tire changer. Although an assist arm may add a little cost to the tire machine, it is an excellent time-saver for the majority of tire shops. The assist arm is powered pneumatically, gets locked in the place, and applies pressure without causing any damage. The tire gets rotated with a specially designed clamp through the turntable’s movement.

The assist arm is capable of rotating a tire without the help of a technician. It can also rotate 4 tires at a time, depending on the size and type of your shop.

You will have to rely on an experienced technician who has been using a tire changer for several years in order to get the right advice when buying one. The above mistakes are common among dealers who don’t buy their products very often or haven’t ever purchased this mechanical equipment before. You can buy tire changers online, but if you find it difficult to make the right decision, then there are a number of mechanics who can share their experiences with you.

You don’t need to take advice from people who have no idea about these machines or how they work. You should ask for advice from your technicians that are well-informed about the best tire changer in the market along with an effective warranty based on time and parts.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to consider the specifications of each of the available options before you figure out which tire-changing machine can be ideal for you. You need to avoid any mistakes when purchasing a tire changer and go for the one that suits the manner in which you operate and change the tires. You will be getting the most support if you get an in-depth breakdown of what is needed, the tire changer, and all its features.

Remember that no tire changer is perfect for everyone. You can get a lot more from it by using it in the right way. In case you do not know how to use a tire changing machine then you should hire an experienced technician who knows how to operate it.


What should you look for in a tire-changing machine?

It would be best if you looked for a few essential things when going for a tire changer. These include the manufacturer, the price, the features that this product comes with, the customer support service, and the warranty.

What is the cost of a tire changer?

Tire changers come in different price ranges. Usually, a decent quality of a mid-range tire changer costs between $1,500 to $2,000. If you plan to buy the higher-end models, you can expect to pay more than $2,000.

How many kinds of tire machines are there?

There are numerous types of tire changers from a wide array of manufacturers out there in the market. These include Dannmar, Hofmann, Tuxedo, Ranger, and many more. Therefore, you can be confident that variety is something you will be getting when looking for tire-changing needs.