A Complete Guide to Hydraulic Jack Oil

VD February 02 2022

If you are a car enthusiast, you already know what hydraulic jack oil is. It is a low viscosity oil with the properties of a non-compressible fluid.

Because of these traits, this oil is widely used in pistons and other hydraulics-based machinery. Hydraulic jack oil can be either made from mineral oils or synthetic compounds, which eventually enhances the overall work dynamics of the oil by many folds. 

Why must hydraulic jack oil be used?

That's a great question. If you have studied machine mechanics or even have some basic idea regarding the principles of mechanics, you know what friction can do to machinery. The wear and tear of spare parts eventually lower the life of a machine and can even cause issues like overheating.

So, the best way of coping with damages caused by friction is to use hydraulic jack oil, especially if there are pistons involved in the machine design. The jack oil can almost eliminate the friction and smooth lines the motion of the piston, which helps the machine increase its efficiency ratio.

Features of suitable hydraulic jack oil

The features associated with a specific hydraulic jack oil depend upon the manufacturer of the oil itself. We can't conclude particular features that a hydraulic jack oil must contain, as even the hydraulic jack oils differ depending upon the type of machinery they will be used for.

But still, there are some bare minimum features of a hydraulic jack oil must-have. These features include oxidative properties, non-corrosive nature, extreme thermal stability to withstand the impacts of friction, hydrolytic stability for hydrolysis prevention, and filterable and clean or changing the oil can be a natural disaster.

Prominent hydraulic oil additives

When we talk about hydraulic oils for cars, certain additives are used along with regular hydraulic oil. This enhances the car's overall performance and impacts the longevity of the oil in particular.

  • Anti-rust additives for prevention against rust forming a protective layer over the hydraulics.
  • Antioxidant additives to make sure that oxidation doesn't sweep through some end, damaging the metal components of a piston.
  • Anti-wear additives for lowering the damage caused by friction.
  • Cold flow additives allow the oil to work even in freezing weather.

Best hydraulic jack oils

The market is practically loaded with hydraulic jack oils that can be used for cars and even for machinery that are used in everyday life. But how can you ensure that you are using the absolute best products? Well, two particular oils are the absolute best.

We are talking about the ISO 150 and AW32 hydraulic jack oil. And the significant part, both of these oils are ISO certified. An international organization like ISO claims that these products have all the fantastic features of ISO-certified products. That's more than enough why you need to go with these two hydraulic oils.

Final note

If you have selected the right oil, all left to do is change the hydraulic jack oil. You can either change the oil yourself or get your car to the nearest dealership to change it more professionally.

But if you decide to change the hydraulic oil yourself, most of the required tools will be available in your tool kit for sure. The additional tools you will need are some screwdrivers, an oil gun dispenser, and a drain bucket. The rest you can figure out through tutorial videos quite quickly.