All you need to know about High Beams Lights

Vlada April 04 2022

Vehicles have high beam lights that are meant for very dark driving environments. It is hard to miss a vehicle's high beams, especially when they are behind you on the road. Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to drive down the road and have someone flash their bright high beams into your eyes. When the high beam light is engaged, it will also turn on the indicator. 

It is important to understand and be able to identify this indicator, as some drivers may accidentally engage their high beams without realizing it. Leaving your high beams on when they shouldn't be on can be extremely dangerous for other drivers on the road.

The High Beam Symbol 

The high beam symbol is a blue symbol with five lines. The lines are stacked to the left of something that looks like a headlight. The high beams are on when you see this on your dashboard and off when you don't see it.

What If the High Beam Indicator Won’t Turn Off

There are several reasons your high beam indicator might stay on, even when you don't have your high beams on. Most of the time, this is caused by of these things:

  • The high beam switch is not working. The high beam indicator has its power from the wire that connects to the daytime lights module. One way to fix this problem is to turn your headlights on and off quickly a few times which can clean the contacts in the switch.
  • The high beam bulbs might not be connected correctly. Look at the light bulbs in your car and see if they are shining properly or not. If they're not shining, it could mean that the high beam indicator symbol will come on.

What If the High Beam Symbol Light Is Flashing

Sometimes when you drive on the roads, your car's headlight will turn off without you knowing. The best way to fix this is to take it to a mechanic because they can fix it and tell what is wrong. Sometimes the problem is that there are some dirt or something else on the connectors.

 If this happens, then just clean them and that should make everything better. But sometimes the problem has an electrical short in it so if this happens then unfortunately all of those parts need to be replaced with new ones, and then your lights should work again.

High Beam vs. Low Beam

In the past, people used two bulbs for their headlights. They were either high or low beams and they could not do both things. Today, most cars have a single bulb that can be switched between strong and not strong with two parts. Some fancy cars still use two bulbs but most of them are like this one. Low beam lights can see up to 200 feet in front of you and high beams can see about 350-400 feet in front of you. At you can find a full article about the comparison of High Beam & Low Beam lights.

When Do You Use Your High Beams

Sometimes drivers are not sure if they should use their high beams or not. If you can't see the road in front of you, then you should use your high beam lights. Low beam lights only let you see about 200 feet in front of you, while high beam lights let you see up to 350-400 feet in front of you when driving. You should only use your high beams when there is no other car around, on rural roads outside of cities, and when it is dark. 

If there is an oncoming car, dim your lights until the car has passed. You should also dim your lights if you are approaching a car from behind. You must always dim your high beam lights in all situations where there is a risk of blinding other drivers with your lights. It is illegal to leave your high beams on when approaching other vehicles on the road. It is very easy to blind another driver with your high beams, so always be aware of other cars on the road.