An Ultimate Guide to Custom Car Door Projector Light

VD February 02 2022

Just a century ago, the cars we all are driving today were non-existent. No one would have imagined that technology would take over this much changing the way vehicles even look. But if you think that this progress has finally reached its pinnacle, you are gravely wrong again. Car door projector lights are here to prove you wrong. 

Car door panel LED projector lights with wires

As the name already indicates, the car door panel LED projector lights are small projector LED lights. The projector lights activate in a specific pattern creating a beautiful image or welcome message once someone opens the door. Some eye-catching features indeed.

These lights are placed on the door panel mostly. Now, the way the lights are inserted in the door panel will determine the type of LED projector lights. In the case of the regular wired lights, you will need wiring and a drill machine to make holes in the door panel for the lights.

Wireless car door LED projector lights

These are the upgraded version of the wired LED projector lights. As you can already guess, these car doors have LED projector lights with a wireless placement approach. Technically, these projector lights are the easiest ones out there for installation.

These lights work with the help of sensors. Once the door is opened, the sensor beneath the door light is activated and gives a signal to the light strip enabling the lights and projecting the message. But you will need to change the battery of the lights from time to time.

Courtesy car door logo LED projector lights

Last but not least, we have got the courtesy car door logo LED projector lights. These lights are the ones that are most widely used around the globe. But why is that? The first thing is that these lights are installed instead of placed.

All you need to do is take out the original door lights and replace them with these. With powerful computer integrated LED lights, these lights can project powerful logos every time the door is opened. The size of these lights differs depending upon the car model we are talking about.

Installing the car door projector lights

The complete installation guide of the car door projector lights depends upon the type of car door projector light you have in the first place. The essential components that you will need in the first place are wires, a drill bit, pliers, a retaining ring, and a projector housing.

Once you have all these tools in possession, you can start going through the projector light manual to understand how to start. Remember, a major rookie mistake is to remove the door panel before even releasing the lock panel first. This locks the panel casing in a rigid state.

Final note

Suppose you ask us what kind of light you should go to in the first place. We would advise you to choose the courtesy car door logo lights. These lights are way more durable than their previous versions and come with easy to install dynamics.

Plus, you can customize the projected logo or the message in case of the courtesy car door logo projector lights. But make sure that the car light is installed perfectly without much space left on either side. It can loosen up the grip of the door lock.