Automotive Shop Equipment: The List of Essential Garage Equipment

VD October 10 2021

Car enthusiasts cannot spend a single day without taking care of their precious automobile. From cleaning to the overall maintenance and check, car lovers only trust automotive shops equipped with the equipment on the market. 

If you are thinking about setting up an auto repair shop, then get all the essential automotive garage equipment that can allow you to start the business and build a trustworthy relationship with the customers. 

Is it worth opening an automotive repair shop?


This is a difficult question to answer. There are many factors to consider when opening an automotive repair shop.

The biggest factor is the competition. Automotive repair shops are one of the most rapidly growing business segments around the world. The increase in demand for vehicles is paving more opportunities for entrepreneurs to make a mark by starting their own service centers. If there are already several well-established repair shops in the area, it may be difficult to compete.

Another important factor to consider is the cost of opening and running the shop. Automotive repair shops require a significant investment in tools and equipment. They also require trained and certified technicians. The cost of these factors can be prohibitive for some potential shop owners.

Finally, the location of the shop is important. It should be situated in an area with a high density of car ownership and easy access for customers. With all of these factors to consider, it is difficult to say whether or not opening an automotive repair shop is a good idea. Ultimately, it is up to the potential shop owner to decide if the risks are worth the rewards.

What to consider when choosing automotive shop equipment or garage equipment?


The main aim for automotive shop equipment suppliers is to offer high-quality products that can help businesses thrive within this competitive industry. Equipment varies from shop to shop depending on the size and type of procedure an automotive center is involved in.

There is some basic equipment needed for every car owner. The most common tools required at homes for car maintenance include wrenches, screwdrivers, torque wrench, cutters, etc.

The next set of essential equipment includes a hydraulic lift table with a rotator which is helpful if you plan to work on major jobs. You should also get a diagnostic reader that can give detailed information about the automobile.

With all this basic equipment, you can run your service center smoothly and begin earning by working for individual vehicles. 

The next set of tools are needed in case you want to go advanced with your business or want to start a facility that can offer major jobs like engine overhauling, engine replacement, etc.

For the best performance, the shop has to be equipped with all the state of art tools in order to attract more customers. This equipment must have the ability to deliver superior service at an affordable price in order to bring in more profits.

Let’s see what automotive shop equipment you must have to get started.  

Air compressor 


You must have a dependable and robust air compressor from a distinguished brand as it will help you deal with many other tools present in the shop, like pneumatic hand tools and auto lifts. 

Get a 60 to 120-gallon air compressor to fulfill your tasks without a hassle.  

Keep in mind that an air compressor is important for another reason, so get prepared to hear this.  

Your customers will rely on your advice while buying the new car, and they might ask you whether it’s better to opt for a 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engine. You can instantly educate them about the advantages of the 6-cylinder if only you have enough raw power at your shop. 

Pipe Bender 


A pipe bender is a significant auto repair shop equipment piece that you must buy, so you can conveniently bend tubes, giving them any shape required for your task. 

Manual, semi-automatic, and digital pipe benders are available in the market. You can get the one as per your budget and convenience. But, ensure that whichever you decide on should be solid and sturdy.  

A pipe bender is a machine that is used to bend or shape pipes. This machine can be used to create curves and angles in pipes, as well as to straighten them out. There are many different types of pipe benders, each designed for specific tasks. Some common types of pipe benders include hydraulic benders, manual benders, and power benders.

  • Hydraulic benders are the most powerful type of pipe bender and can be used to bend very thick pipes.
  • Manual benders require more effort to use but can still create accurate bends.
  • Power benders are less expensive than hydraulic benders but are not as powerful. Pipe benders are an essential tool for many industries, such as plumbing, automotive, and construction.

Oil Can Crusher 


Don’t even think about running an automotive shop without the oil can crusher at your disposal. 

This tool helps you crush and flatten oil cans and filters to control pollution as recycled crushed oil and steel scraps become useful again while keeping your store clean.  

Oil Can Crusher can also be used for other purposes, such as recycling paint and antifreeze. For instance, if you need to fill the radiator with antifreeze at your shop, then Oil Can Crusher will prove to be a worthy investment because it crushes them into small pieces that automatically get drained and clean.  


A/C Recovery Machines


A/C recovery machine is a necessary car shop equipment for restoring the cooling of refrigerant of the automobile. Buying a unit that offers recharging, recovery and recycling would be beneficial for you.   

Shop Press


Shop prThe shopis a multipurpose machine. It helps to remove or install bearings and gears with convenience. You can use a shop press for bending, spreading, pushing, pulling, pressing, straightening, crushing, and lifting tasks. All in all, it’s must-have shop equipment.   

Hose Reel 


A hose reel is beneficial for transferring water, air, or oil safely to help complete various types of car maintenance jobs. You must buy a top-notch hose reel that functions efficiently. 

The one that offers a spring drive mechanism might be a great choice to opt for, dealing with smooth unrolling and wrapping of the reel.   

Parts Washer


A parts washer is essential vehicle shop equipment. It allows you to deep clean parts of the car, like the engine and others that are often heavily greased. A heavy-duty parts washer with uncomplicated controls and multiple excellent features would be suitable for your automotive store.   

Cart and dolly


Having a cart and dolly for mounting the car in your shop is a must because it creates magnificent convenience while performing repairs on the vehicle. Using this tool allows you to roll the automobile with ease and complete the job in a short amount of time. It is smarter shop equipment that will pay off in the long run.

Floor Jacks 


Every automotive shop needs floor jacks for lifting the vehicles. It is one of the fundamental tools that you would require to carry out repairing automobiles. They come in various styles and offer different capacities. So, before buying one, make sure it can handle at least 10 tons of weight.   

Choosing a durable and heavy-duty floor jack is essential for your automotive shop equipment. It must be able to lift the weight of the vehicle and allow you to work conveniently.



Workbenches make working on your car easier and more convenient. It is one of the crucial automotive shop and garage pieces of equipment that allow you to keep all tools and gear organized.  So, if you are looking for a multipurpose workbench that can serve you in multiple ways, then go for one that has hydraulic lifts.   

Getting a durable and sturdy workbench with a wide top surface to place heavy things is necessary for your shop.


As we have discussed the top 10 essential shop equipment for an auto repair store, you could always slowly build up your automotive shop by adding the necessary tools step by step. 

Equipment like jack stands, transmission jacks, engine stands, support cranes, and oil drains are all significant for your car repairing business and should be included in your garage as soon as possible.

However, make sure you are investing your money in the right tools, without laying out unnecessary money for purchasing vehicle shop equipment.

So, these are some of the top-notch automotive shop equipment that will help you to perform the tasks effortlessly and easily. Start with adding one or two units at a time in order to meet your budget requirement.