BendPak HD-9

VD September 09 2021

The BendPak HD-9 is a hydraulic lift. A hydraulic lift, or automotive lift, uses hydraulics to power its movements. While it can be used with cars and various other automobiles, this article will focus on the use of the BendPak HD-9 for lifting vehicles in general - including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles etc.

This article is aimed at providing you with helpful advice on how to use your own BendPak HD-9!

What Is A Hydraulic Lift?

A hydraulic lift is an automotive tool that uses hydraulics to either raise or lower objects by way of pushing pistons up and down. It works similarly to your car's brakes in that they are both hydraulic systems. However, where your car's brakes are used for slowing the vehicle down, your lift is used to raise and lower your vehicle in order to work on it or change its tires.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Hydraulic Lift?

The main benefit of using a lift is its ease of use. Instead of you having to put your vehicle up on jack stands - which can be time-consuming and also increase the risk of injury - you simply use the hydraulics to push pistons up and bring your car closer to you. When you're all done working with it, the hydraulics push the pistons back into place and easily lower your car down.

Product Specifications and Features for BendPak HD-9

TheBendPak HD-9 is a hydraulic lift capable of lifting up to 3,500 pounds. Of course, the more weight your vehicle weighs, the less of a load your lift can handle - but this is mainly due to how it's designed rather than its specifications. In general, most hydraulic lifts are capable of handling heavy-duty jobs and large amounts of weight.

The BendPak HD-9 is able to reach a maximum height of 16 feet 5 inches high and a minimum height below floor level of 4 inches off the ground. As long as you're within this range, you should be able to fit any cars or light trucks under it for working on it or changing out its tires.

This lift is also self-leveling. If your floor is uneven or has dips in it, the hydraulics will adjust accordingly to ensure that your car remains level throughout its entire process of being raised and lowered.

The BendPak HD-9 is made with a platform size of 22 inches by 54 inches. This means you should be able to fit any large vehicle on top of it for working on it or changing out its tires - without having to place blocks or boards underneath it in order to make sure your vehicle doesn't slide off.

Pros And Cons Of The BendPak HD-9 Hydraulic Lift

As with all product lines, there are certain benefits and drawbacks worth mentioning about the BendPak HD-9 lift:


  • The BendPak HD-9 is a good lift for the price, making it very affordable to purchase.
  • It can handle heavy-duty jobs and large amounts of weight.
  • On the whole, it's well designed and its hydraulics have little trouble lifting various types of vehicles up for working on them or changing out their tires.


  • Because this lift uses hydraulics, there's always a risk of injury as there's little room for human error in how they function. This is especially true as they don't activate as quickly as electric lifts do - which means you need to be extra careful when using or riding on them.

How To Use And Troubleshoot Your Bendpak HD-9 Hydraulic Lift

When using your bBendPak HD-9 at home, it's best to have someone around for assistance. Not only should you have another person working with you for safety reasons, but doing so will also help you complete your tasks much more quickly and efficiently. There are plenty of things that can be done on this lift - changing out tires, repairing parts underneath your car, etc... - so having an extra set of hands is always helpful!

If the lift doesn't work when you first try to use it, then it's likely due to the fact that there has been a malfunction within its hydraulics. The best thing you can do in this situation is not to operate the lift until its hydraulics have been repaired by a professional. Since this is an extremely heavy-duty piece of machinery, you should always err on the side of caution when it comes to operating it.


The BendPak HD-9 lift is capable of handling heavy-duty jobs and large amounts of weight. It's well designed, has little trouble lifting various types of vehicles up for working on them or changing out their tires, and is also self-leveling to accommodate any uneven floors you may have in your garage. When used properly, it should be able to last you a long time - especially if you take good care of it when not using it.