BendPak HD-9XW Four-Post Lift Review

Varvara November 11 2021

These days, people look for an economical answer to finding a parking space, and a high-quality four-post garage lift that doesn't cost them a fortune will be the best choice. BendPak HD-9XW Four-Post lift is ideal for any car enthusiast who wants to store as well as maintain his car without spending a lot of money.

Comparing the HD-9XW four-post lift with other brands is like comparing apples and oranges because this four-post lift is specially designed to be safer, more robust, and very easy to use. There is no doubt that BendPak went the extra distance for this particular lift and gave it an immense improvement over time in order to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Introduction to BendPak HD-9XW

Many people consider the HD-9XW by BendPak a hobby lift, but in reality, the BendPak expert engineers have packed this four-post lift with specific features that could only be found on the commercial-grade designs. Other than that, this model is backed by a 40-year of experience and an excellent reputation in the market.

You will be proud to have the HD series lineup in your garage or shop, whereas the HD-9XW is the high-rise lift's standard version that is among the most popular ones.  HD-9XW is undoubtedly the ideal choice if you want the best four-post lift with a dependable design, multi-level locking positions, and a large base plate.

This professional-grade four-post garage lift is designed for ease of use and durability. Each column, with its sleek design, looks like a piece of art, not to mention it has an outstanding performance compared to the most popular brands in the market. These high-rise racks are made of solid steel which gives them the strength and durability to serve you for years. This heavy-duty car lift has the capacity to hold up to 8 tons; therefore, suitable for lifting most types of vehicles without any problem. It can be easily installed in your garage at home or in your garage at work. The BendPak HD-9XW Four-Post Lift comes equipped with an automatic latching system that makes it easier for you when working on tough spots; at the same time, it prevents the car from falling off.

This efficient and durable four-post lift has a low-profile design; thus, making your garage more spacious. You don't need to dedicate an entire room to your home to make place for this beautiful BendPak HD-9XW Four-Post Lift because it is not bulky and does not take up a lot of space. The high-rise model comes with 2-speed hydraulic cylinders that enable you to raise or lower the car easily with minimal effort. This versatile garage vehicle lift also features heavy-duty steel saddle plates which come standard on all models. With such exceptional features, this top quality four-post rack can be considered one of the best lifts in today's market

BendPak HD-9XW Specs

  • Capacity: 8 tons
  • Lifting Height: 16.5' - 23.5"
  • Overall Height: 19' - 18"
  • No Load Lift Height: 9' - 1"
  • Transport Length: 7' 3"
  • Weight: 1468 lbs.

Why should one buy a BendPak HD-9XW lift?

Heavy-duty aircraft cable

You will find each of the lifts to be supplied with four steel lifting cables of high quality. You will find it surprising to know that the combined rating of the cables is around 640% of the entire lift's maximum lifting capacity. The lifting cables are entirely enclosed in a lift structure to make sure that these look tidy.

Electric and hydraulic power system

BendPak HD-9XW lift is incorporated with maintenance-free electric or hydraulic power systems in order to have ultimate dependability. It is also worth noting that all of its controls are located within close reach of each other.

Powder-coat finish that offers durability 

HD-9XW's durable powder-coat finish offers a highly durable and high-quality finishing that is capable of withstanding any of the chemical conditions or harsh environments. The powder coat goes through a careful 10-step method, and all of the components are examined visually before they are sandblasted.

Longer approach lamps

BendPak HD-9XW has approach lamps specially designed to be a little longer to accommodate you when the low ground clearance cars are required to be stored. Although it might be considered to be a little thing by many, it indeed makes a big difference.

Saddle plates are standard

The heavy-duty steel saddle plates come standard on all models. These are made of high-grade alloy steel that helps them hold up under years of continued use. The plates will give your car the lift it needs to quickly perform repairs and maintenance tasks, which could include changing tires, replacing brakes or shocks, polishing metal surfaces, stripping paint or lubricating chassis components

QuickLift installation system

This product comes with an innovative two-piece QuickLift installation system for easy operation and precise leveling. Such compatibility allows the user to install the four-post lift in a couple of hours without having much experience in these types of projects. It can also be easily transferred from one part of your garage to another if you want to.

BendPak HD-9XW Pros and Cons


  1. BendPak's QuickLift system makes it easier for the customer to assemble or transfer the lift easily.
  2. The design is sleek and attractive, making the four-post car lift look like a piece of art rather than an industrial device.
  3. It has exceptional lifting capacity. The high-rise model can handle 8 tons of weight which are ideal for most types of cars without any problem at all.
  4. This heavy-duty vehicle lift comes with sturdy steel cables that are enclosed within the structure so they will not be visible. If you need something that has hidden inside it, then this product might be the best option for you.
  5. The weight of the BendPak HD-9XW Four-Post car lift is just 1468 pounds, making it very portable and easy to install in your garage.


  1. This item does not come with a hydraulic pump which means that it will take a longer time to complete the lifting process.
  2. It does not have an integrated power unit. You might need to set up some extra equipment in order to get the pump working efficiently.

Final Words

BendPak HD-9XW is a 9,000 lbs. capacity four-post lift that you will find perfect for vehicle storage in a commercial building or a residential garage. It can also be an excellent service lift if you have a smaller shop and you have big business plans. The best thing about this four-post lift is that you don't need any particular foundation, and its installation is a cinch. This lift is precisely the size of a typical parking space that is capable of maximizing your valuable floor area.


What are the dimensions of the four-post lift?

The height of this four-post car lift is 19 inches while the overall length of the product is 18 inches. As for its width, it is 7 feet 3 inches wide while its transport length is 7 feet 3 inches long.

Can I install this BendPak HD-9XW Four Post Lift on my own?

Yes, you can! All you need to do is follow the instruction manual that comes with your package and you will be able to complete it without any problem at all.

What are the benefits of using this heavy-duty four-post car lift?

There are actually a lot of benefits that you can get when using this product. For instance, it has exceptional lifting capacity which is perfect for cars weighing around 5 tons. It also comes with sturdy steel cables, making them ideal for almost any type of car or vehicle out there without causing damage to your car's body even in the long run.

Is it possible to adjust the height of the BendPak HD-9XW?

Yes, you can! The height adjustment system is very user-friendly and easy to work on! All you need to do is turn two bolts and you will be able to lift or lower your vehicle easily.

How much will the installation of the four-post car lift cost?

If you want to install it by yourself, then expect to spend around 2-3 hours for assembly. If you would like us to do it for you, then be sure to add one more hour on top of that!

Is the welding good quality?

Yes, it is! The lifting arm and structural steel are all welded together using high-quality materials!