BendPak XPR-10AS

VD September 09 2021

The BendPak XPR-10AS is a two-post lift that simplifies the process of car maintenance while protecting your customers' expensive vehicles. A BendPak car lift with a 10K capacity is an excellent addition to any shop or garage. Professionals appreciate the lift's outstanding features and reliability, and customers enjoy vehicle protection and easy access.

The XPR-10AS features a high-grade, Liftmaster DC motor and an all-steel construction with a painted finish. The slide pads that the post rests on are coated for a sure grip and extreme durability. It has a 10,000-pound capacity and it's rated for indoor use on floors with adequate load capability (concrete recommended).

This vehicle lift is easy to use and maintain, thanks to its reliable hydraulic system. A block heater is included for cold climates; otherwise, it operates in ambient temperatures up to 104°F. The control box provides the smooth operation of one or both posts at once and comes standard with an automatic shutoff valve that immediately halts the platform if obstructions get in the way of the lift.

The XPR-10AS is a strong and durable two-post lift that's suitable for all kinds of automotive uses, including servicing, storage, auto dealerships, and other professional jobs. Two sets of safety locks are included with the XPR-10AS base model; an optional single lock kit provides another layer of safety to ensure your customers' vehicles are securely raised. For added protection during transport or when not in use, the whole platform can be easily lowered. It also comes standard with overloads that prevent operator error from causing damage to the vehicle under repair. This vehicle lift requires minimal upkeep thanks to its lack of electrical parts - it even has non-contact electronic controls to minimize wear and tear on components caused by lightning or electrical surges. Furthermore, all of the XPR-10AS's hydraulic hoses are covered with safety sleeves to prevent damage caused by rubbing against moving components. A rubber decal is also applied to the top of the slip plate for further protection from accidents.

Direct-Drive two-post car lift technology makes using this unit more efficient than traditional, chain-based lifts. The BendPak XPR-10AS features a high-quality constant pressure pump and diaphragm cylinders that provide stable, consistent lifting power even at lower PSI settings. A patented load scale on the control box is another sign of this car lift's attention to detail: it provides precise weight data for more accurate data collection and service estimation.

The XPR-10AS has a B-3PW manual override cord available as an accessory upon request. This hydraulic tool reduces the time needed to raise or lower one post by hand without powering off the control box in an emergency situation - fastening down loose parts in place during transport, for example. It also provides a convenient way to lower the lift platform for transport or storage.

The XPR-10AS is a two-post automotive lift with exceptional features and performance that can be easily serviced and equipped to meet your specific needs. A BendPak car lift with a 10K capacity is a solid addition to any shop, garage, dealership - anywhere you need quick access to vehicles!