Best 4 Post Car Lifts for Home Garage

VD July 07 2021

Those who spend their whole day in a garage to fix cars have one important tool that they would always require. As most essential working parts of a vehicle are located on the underside, you are going to fit beneath the car to have a close inspection. Many people cannot fit under a car without assistance, so a car lift is an essential tool for this purpose.

A car lift is what raises the automobile, and the jack stand holds it in place. There are many types of car lifts are available out there, and the most commonly used one is a four-post car lift. This car lift can make your home garage a very comfortable and safe place to elevate or lower your vehicle.

What is a 4 post car lift?

Out of the numerous car lift types, a four-post car lift is indispensable in mechanic’s practice. It is among the best of the elevation kits to have in a garage where it can elevate a vehicle for many purposes like fixing suspension, complete the oil change, wheel alignment, fixing the transmission system, perform cleaning and service inspection, and much more.

To ensure the safety and longevity of your equipment, it’s best to evaluate these most popular four-post car lifts. There is a wide range of car lifts on the market, but a Rotary brand four-post lift can make your job easier all way around. You can drive significant value for your car repair shop in terms of efficiency, general maintenance, alignments, and multipoint inspections.

Key features of a four-post car lift

  • Vehicle maintenance

To keep your car road-ready, maintenance of your vehicle's health is vital. As a car lift is a major part of the tasks to repair a car, it allows you to see under the car by raising it to inspect tear, wear, and any other issues. With the help of a 4 post car lift, car maintenance gets very easy for you.

  • Construction

Construction of the 4 post car lift is very important in determining whether the vehicle will be remaining stable when you lift or lower it. Sometimes you may need to service heavy vehicles like trucks, and for these, you may need a four-post truck lift. Therefore, you need to go for a sturdy all-steel construction bolted on the ground because it is stable, durable, and also quite safe for use.

  • Lifting speed

The lifting speed of a four-post truck lift has its importance because several people don't like to waste their time when they are to fix their car. The majority of the lifts normally stretch out to their maximum height and weight in approximately less than a minute, providing a powerful motor.

How should you choose the right car lift for a garage?

Before you decide to purchase a car lift, you need to have complete information regarding what type of lift can work for you. As there are different types of lifts available in the market, you have to make the following considerations for a four-post car lift that helps narrow down the options for you.

  • Dimensions of the garage
  • Purpose of installation
  • Type of vehicle to be lifted
  • Price and warranty

List of the best 4 post car lifts

  • Rotary SM14 car lift

The Rotary 4 post lift is what the shop and garage owners look for. As a user, you will realize the difference in Rotary because of its extra height and large columns. The number of available features and accessories take the SM14 4 post car lift to a higher level. Other than that, it also has roller ramps, powder-coated textured paint finish, and heavy-duty locking systems, which offers it a competitive advantage over other car lifts.

  • Triumph 9000-Pound 4 post auto lift

Durability is a very important factor to pay attention to when you are buying a car lift. The Triumph 9000-Pound 4 posts automotive lift truly defines durability, and the credit goes to its slider design. It has a rigid stand through the build, and it can contribute to the excellent holding weight capacity of 9000 pounds. Because of many integrated features like an automatic deadbolt lock and safety system, you will find this four-post car lift to be extremely safe.

  • Bendpak 4-post truck and car lift

If you want to have a clear picture of the Bendpak lift, the terms versatility, convenience, and reliability define it. This unit has a 14000 lb weight limit, and it can lift super SUVs and medium trucks. This is a superb 4-post car lift with jacks and has a powerful hydraulic system powered by a very efficient power system. Therefore, it ensures an efficient and quick lift and lowering power.

Final Thoughts

Although some people may have a simple driver-car relationship, others like to have sophisticated equipment at hand. Maintaining your car more effortlessly and having additional storage for the vehicle, a 4-post car lift for a home garage can be a dream for any car enthusiast. But one needs to consider the lift capacity, height, material and whether it has a truck adapter, and much more, and this can surely help make the decision when buying the best quality product.


What should the best 4 post car lift be having?

You have to make sure that the best 4 post car lift should have on-ramps between the rare posts so that light cars and even trucks can be driven onto the lift. The 4 post car lift with jacks must support directly when a vehicle is lifted with safety and ease. 

Should a 4 post car lift be bolted down?

It all depends on the make of the car lifts, whether to bolt or not to bolt them. You will find some with a robust structure with weights at the bottom posts, and they don't need to be bolted. 

What is the normal width of a 4 post car lift?

On average, the car lift is around 40 inches wide, whereas the higher-end 4 post truck lift can be as wide as about 172 inches.