Concrete Floor Requirements for 2-Post and 4-Post Lifts by BendPak

VD September 09 2021

Car lifts are indispensable in the auto mechanics shop. This engineering wonder allows you to effectively lift a car to a certain speed in a few seconds. How convenient is that?

But every picture has two sides. The same thing applies to the car lifts, especially the BendPak car lifts. Every model of a BendPak car lift requires specific concrete floor dynamics on which the lift can’t be installed. Any miscalculation or misdirection can even result in the complete collapse of the lift in a matter of minutes.

Why exactly are concrete requirements so important? If we take a closer look at the BendPak car lift series, the whole car lift structure stands on a two/four-post design. As we can imagine, these posts can only be specifically installed on a concrete floor. 

And this cannot be just any concrete floor. According to the company guidelines, the two-post lift concrete requirements are different from four-post lift concrete requirements. There is a clear difference between the two lift designs and their ability to handle pressure effectively.

Remember, there is one universal requirement regarding the concrete floor that must be checked at all costs. The concrete floor must fall under the criteria set by the American Concrete Institution in regards to concrete aging.

BendPak Two-post lift Concrete Requirements


The XPR-15 series car lifts require a minimum of 8 inches of concrete thickness with a minimum of 28 days of aging compact strength. The rebar spacing must also keep around 10 inches.


The XPR-18 series is the most similar in function to the XPR-15 series. This model's two-post lift concrete requirements include a similar 8 inches concrete thickness with 28 days aging period. But the reinforcement must be used of about #6Rebar.


Other series models generally adopt the unique BendPak car lift in terms of the two-post lift concrete requirements. For this series, the minimum concrete thickness must be kept around 6 ½ inches with the same ACI approved 28 days aging duration. The rebar spacing must also be kept to a firm 10 inches minimum.

  • GP-7, XPR-9, XPR-10

These three BendPak car lift series were launched most recently, primarily introduced to reduce the overall strict and hard-to-attention two-post lift concrete requirements. For these series, the concrete thickness can be reduced to a minimum of 4 ¼ inches with a solid 12-inch rebar spacing.

BendPak four-post lift concrete requirements


The HDSO-14 is one of the few BendPak four-post car lift series requiring specific and different concrete requirements. Similar to the two-post lift concrete requirements, the HDSO-14 comes with a minimum four ¼ inch concrete thickness and a 12-inch rebar spacing requirement.

  • HD-973P, HDS-35, HDS-40 SERIES

These three BendPak four-post car lift series have similar concrete requirements. These series work safely with a minimum of 6 ½ inches thick concrete aged continuously for 28 days. The reinforcement and the rebar spacing must be kept according to the ACI criteria.

  • Remaining four-post series

Unlike the two-post lift concrete requirements we have discussed before, the four-post series concrete requirements are effective for a wide range of BendPak car lift series. For the rest of the series, the minimum concrete thickness must be around four ¼ inches, which is amazing. The aging, reinforcement, and rebar spacing must be kept according to the ACI criteria.

Note: The term ‘ACI’ stands for ‘American Concrete Institute.’ This government body is responsible for setting and maintaining certain parameters regarding the overall structural dynamics of a concrete structure.

Important precautions to take before installing the car lift

Without a doubt, BendPak is a company known for safety and quality. But things can go wrong if certain precautions are not taken while installing the car lift. Here is a list of some of the precautions you must take in this situation.

  • No hand-mixed concrete!

One of the very first things mentioned in the user guide of four post and two-post lift concrete requirements. Do not use hand-mixed concrete as a base for installing the car lift. The concrete must be properly aged and should be compatible with ACI concrete guidelines.

  • Check the concrete surface for damage.

A car lift is not some ordinary garage tool or device that can be installed in not-so-durable concrete. When the lift is working at its 100% capacity, the concrete is the only thing that will provide it the necessary support. That is why the concrete floor surface must be checked thoroughly for any damage or cracks before installing the car lift.

  • Concrete or nothing

The rule without which we can’t discuss the four post and two-post lift concrete requirements in the first place. According to BendPak, the car lists can only operate if the supportive surface/floor is concrete. If you think about installing the lift on a floor surface made up of something other than concrete, drop the idea right now. This will be illegal as well as harmful for the working personnel.

  • Keep a distance from the seams.

According to both ACI and BendPak, seams are safe as long as all the lift anchors are installed around 6 inches away from the seams, pressure and control joints, or any irregularity in the overall concrete structure.

  • Don’t use a second floor for the installation.

You don’t need an expert to understand the drastic effects of installing a car lift on a second-floor level. A secondary floor level means a floor level with another floor level beneath it. According to the discussed four post and two-post lift concrete requirements, you need solid ground support beneath the concrete floor/surface to ensure a safe installation of the car lift.

  • What if the requirements aren’t matching?

For some reason, the installation floor/surface doesn’t meet the exact four-post and two-post lift concrete requirements. There’s a very simple solution available at BendPak for this problem. BendPak can manufacture specially designed concrete slabs for such floors. These slabs create an outline over and around the floor, making it suitable for the lift installation.

The overall impact of new concrete slabs and their aftermath

The whole concept of ‘concrete slabs’ to replace the damaged or otherwise unfit concrete floors was introduced by BendPak for the first time. BendPak is a very well-known car lift manufacturer which always focused on fulfilling all the four post and two-post lift concrete requirements before installing the car lift.

That’s why an innovative idea like this is getting popular these days. As much as we know so far, the new concrete slabs manufactured by BendPak act like a substitute for the damaged or unfit concrete surface. All the slabs are designed according to the area and respective car lift dynamics.

The car lift can easily be installed once the slabs are successfully placed over the already existing concrete floor. As the concrete slabs are designed specifically for the respective car lift, no safety hazards can result from the whole operation. Also, these slabs can be used as a replacement for a floor surface made from material other than ACI-approved concrete.