Guide to Custom Interior Car Lights

Vlada April 04 2022

One way to customize the inside of your vehicle is to install custom car lights. Custom car lights let you change the color and mood of your vehicle. You can want a cool blue light or a multi-color effect, but it will be unique because it is custom.

What Are Custom Interior Car Lights?

Custom interior car lights are lights that you put in your vehicle. They can be LED or other types of car light like when a bulb goes out and needs to be replaced. They have the following benefits:

  • Depending on the type of custom interior car lights you use, you might not have to connect them to your battery.
  • LED lights on your car last longer than other types of lights.
  • If you want to sell your vehicle, adding custom lights can make it stand out and help attract buyers.
  • Installing custom lights in your car is a great way to show off your personality and have some fun.

You can be creative when installing custom interior car lights. For example, you could choose brighter white lights or multi-colored lights that change. LED lights are a common type of light that is often used in a car's interior. That is because they use a semiconductor method to emit light, which means it won't burn out like other types of bulbs. 

LED lights also use less energy and don't produce heat. This makes them an efficient choice for lighting the interior of your car. LED lights are often sold in strips, which can also make them easy to install. About where to buy and how to choose the custom interior car lights that suits you, you can look at

Types of Custom Interior Car Lights

Door Lights

Door lights can help you see things at night. They can help you find the door handle, window controls, or storage in your door. People choose to use different kinds of door lights. Some people might use a modern logo light to show they appreciate the brand of car they drive.

Dome Lights

Dome lights are a light that is on the top of your car. When you open the door, they come on. If you would like to make your car different and have a little style, these lights are good to use. You can put them in any color you want or put a brighter LED bulb in them so they shine more.

Trunk Lights

People also change the lights on their car trunk. This can help you see better when loading and unloading at night. It can also make your trunk look different from everyone else's.

Map Lights

Map lights are added lights that can make it easier for you to see. They are often on the place where you need to read a map or any other print material. While most cars today have GPS, this does not mean that you do not need map lights. You can replace them for a new look with LED-colored interior lights.

Accent Lights

Accent lights can go anywhere to make your car look great. Put them on the dashboard, under seats, and even in the back for when people are sitting in the back seat too. Mix and match different types of lights to create a new design.

How to Choose Custom Interior Car Lights

When you are choosing the best lights, it is important to make sure they fit your car. You may need a few more lights if you have a larger car. It will also depend on how many you plan to install. Choose a brand that is well-known and uses high quality light for the best results.

How to Replace/Install Custom Interior Car Lights

  • You need to decide where you want your lights. You can put them anywhere you want. But it is helpful to plan where you want them first. Measure the area and then see how many LED strips you will need.
  • There are a few ways to install custom interior car lights. The most common way is to use zip ties and glue.
  • You will need some materials and tools to install your new light fixture. This might include a multimeter, which measures voltage, crimp tools, wire-cutting pliers, and a screwdriver. You might also need zip ties, wire connectors, electrical tape, and glue.
  • Before you start putting up the lights, you need to figure out where the power is coming from. This is usually a 12V source, like your car's stereo or outlet. You can connect the lights to your car's fusebox. Make sure to ground the negative wire, which will require a grounding point. This is usually a spot under the dashboard near the firewall. Remove one of the bolts and use a connector to slide the wiring under it. Then replace and tighten the bolt.
  • You can install lights in your car. Connect the lights to a power source and then find where you want them to go so you can reach them. You also need to decide how often the lights turn on and where they come from and if they will come on with your headlights or using a controller. You may also be able to control the LED lights using an app on your phone.
  • Once you have finished installing the lights, make sure that they work. If not, go through each step and find out which one is wrong.