How to Choose Mobile Column Lifts?

Varvara November 11 2021

Most automobile repair shop owners look for open and flexible spaces, but it is not possible for all the shop owners to enjoy ample space inside the service center. There are times when they might be restricted to lift inside a garage, and for this purpose, some owners invest a good amount on renovations to have more space. In order to solve this problem, a mobile lift for a vehicle can be an excellent choice for a garage situation, as it is versatile and powerful for both indoor as well as outdoor applications. If you are the owner of an automobile garage and looking for efficient and easy-to-use solutions, then mobile column lifts can be a great option.

Let's take a look at some additional benefits of working with these lifts:

  • Compact size – Because this kind of lift is not installed in one place; it can be moved from one point or another without any stress. You can even make additional space inside your service area by moving the equipment outside whenever required. According to many users, they preferred hiring such systems rather than buying them as it helped them save on maintenance costs and renovation charges. However, if you plan on having this type of system set up within your premises, then it will definitely give you future savings on repair bills as well.
  • Mobile column lifts are also known to offer incredible precision. You can position these in such a way that they can be easily accessed if required by the owner or other mechanics within your garage. This not only makes it easy for the technicians to perform their job, but it is also beneficial when you need to move them to another place in case of renovations. It will take lesser time than heavy mobile cranes which are set up with wheels or tracks that need time and effort before moving the equipment from one location to another. Thus, working with mobile column lifts can ensure many conveniences when compared with other system types used in garages today.
  • Along with the above advantages, this type of lift comes along with an impressive load capacity. The product is completely designed and manufactured based on the load it has to bear and for this reason, these can handle heavy loads (up to 11.8 Tons). As a result of which you will not even require other lifting equipment or other types of lifts that will increase your costs.

Mobile column cranes also come with some extra features such as:

  • Automatic parking brakes

Yes, these systems are equipped with an amazing automatic parking brake. This makes sure that there is no risk of falling down while performing repairs or maintenance works on heavier vehicles such as trucks and buses.

  • Ease in work.

As we have discussed above, using mobile column lifts is easier than dealing with other bulky lift options in service. You don't need any extra help to use it, also there is no requirement for electricity or other external power sources to make it work. All you have to do is lift up your vehicle and place them on the platform of the equipment, and you are good to go.

These are some benefits that can be enjoyed when having a mobile column crane in service centers for automobiles. These systems are user-friendly, accessible, adaptable, and cost-effective at the same time. With all these incredible advantages, this type of system has become popular among mechanics at present. If you are searching for an ideal solution for lifting vehicles in workshops, then we recommend investing in such a type of lift instantly!

Simplify the repair shop operations with a mobile column lift

When you purchase a mobile lift for your repair shop, you can have a significant advantage of open space when the lift is not in use. This way, you are able to create a space with many uses inside your service center, and all the lifting will not be restricted inside your garage.

More space is consumed by the bays that have a lift secured to the ground, but when you have a mobile lift, you will indeed not have any problem. Once the repair job gets completed, you have the option of quickly rolling the mobile columns out of your way, as the equipment can line up quite well, thus freeing up space that you can use for any other job.

Choosing the right mobile column lift


The majority of mobile column lifts can offer you excellent maneuverability. So, these are portable and enable you to carry out your tasks in different bays within your workshop for an additional workspace when you are not using them. It would help if you also were looking for a mobile lift that can be easily transported to a new location.

A flexible application

It is wise to look for a mobile column lift that can lift a good range of vehicles, including cars, vans, minibuses, and trucks. The safe working load for each column should be 7,500 kg, whereas the total lifting capacity of 60,000 can be achieved for eight columns. 

Low capital expense

You will find the mobile column lifts at different prices, but it is better to look for the one that is a financially effective lifting solution for you. This way, you will have less capital expenditure as compared to the four-post lifts or the traditional pits, especially when you consider the additional cost of groundworks needed for any alternative options.

No disruption

Usually, a mobile lift is a safe and easy to operate option, and the groundwork needed for an installation of a fixed lift can render a portion of your shop out of work for some time. When you have the right mobile column lift, you can start working with the new lift straightaway without any disruption to your workforce. 


The devices can carry loads of almost 11000 pounds. The usual kind of vehicle used these days weigh about 5500 pounds, which makes the ultimate ability to carry up to 6000 pounds or more with this type of system quite widespread. Thus, when buying a mobile lift for your workshop service center, consider the weight capacity requirement first before anything else because this factor will determine exactly how much work you can do with them over time.

Height range

Ideally, the lift needs to provide you with heights of up to 13 feet. This enables you to tackle lots of tasks with more flexibility and convenience. Column mounted units will always have a height capacity within a range of 10 to 12 feet. Try looking for a unit that has a slightly better load-bearing capacity, as this can offer you additional benefits in terms of greater strength and durability.

Space required

Ensure that there is enough space inside your service center where the device can be placed along with room for movement around it. In most cases, the lift will occupy about two car lengths from one side of it. The height from ground level must also be taken into consideration, so choose a mobile column crane with a height adjustment feature that will enable you to carry out work with the best precision.


It is also important to consider the weight of such equipment before buying because such types of lifts tend to be quite heavy and bulky in nature, which makes them troublesome for transportation. Look for a unit that has a low weight but still holds up well against impacts and vibrations during use.

Functionality, reliability, and safety

The main reason you are investing in such a device is to make your workshop task easier and time-saving as this lift can help you carry out lots of tasks without any problem effectively. So, always choose a system that comes with exceptional functionality as this way you will never have any issues when it comes to working productivity., look for one that allows easy installation and setup as well. Also, be on the lookout for a unit that is equipped with advanced safety features to keep you from any kind of major accidents or injuries while using it.

Once you have set up these guidelines as your benchmark criteria, find out the exact model that suits your requirements best and analyze its features carefully before investing in such type of system. This way you can always have a productive workshop environment within your service center without any problems at all!

Final Thoughts

The biggest advantages you can have with a mobile column lift are that the columns are not locked down and are not battery-powered. Therefore, you can move them wherever you want, and you can even opt for a wireless model if you don’t like the cords to get on the way. As the mobile lift columns are portable, these can be easily stored to the side of the service area, thus offering you more space for any other tasks.