How to Convert a Car to a Push-Button Start?

VD February 02 2022

Converting an essential ignition car into a push-start button car is very innovative. There are expert mechanics and electricians out there who can convert a key-ignition car into a push-button start car. But there are certain aspects you need to consider.

What does it cost to convert a car to a push-button start

Probably the first question that popped up in your mind when you got the idea of converting your vehicle into a push-button start car. The most crucial factor determining the overall cost of the whole operation is the model of your car itself. The older the car model will be, the more it will cost.

Think about this, when it comes to the old car models, there are many things you will include in the car ignition panel in a new manner. This will eventually spark up the cost.

Can I even install the push-start?

Again, the answer to this question depends upon the model of the car you have in the first place. There is a specific limit to installing the push start in the vehicle itself. Like the pre-2000 models, much older cars can't practically adapt to the whole push-start operations.

Even if you somehow successfully install the push start within such models. The chances are that the push start will not last much longer. On the contrary, newer car models adapt to new features like the push start is crucial for ignition.

Converting key ignition to push-start button

Well, if you want to convert the ignition key switch to the push-start button dynamics, all you need to have is the right equipment. But still, working with the car's ignition system is quite intricate and requires the most exceptional level of skills with car interior detailing.

The most important thing you will require is the push-button start kit. It will be much better if you have a piece of manual equipment at hand. This will help the technician better understand how the critical kit will be perfectly installed within the car ignition bracket.

General procedure

Let's take a look at the general procedure of installing the push-button switch in place of a critical ignition panel. The essential tools you will need are a multimeter, wire strippers, electrical tape, soldering iron, screwdrivers, and a push-button kit itself.

Once you remove the ignition cover, you need to check whether the ignition is charged or not with the help of the multimeter. Remove the battery's negative terminal so that you can finally work on the wire connections and kit installment. Don't forget to connect both terminals with the help of a transponder.

Final note

Once you have covered all the steps described in the manual, all that's left to do is put back everything in a reverse manner and enjoy the push-start button ignition! If you have followed all the steps, the chances are that everything will be good to go.

This is a general guide on converting your key ignition car system into the more advanced push-button start ignition module. Still, make sure you consult an expert before diving right into the ignition panel of your car. Getting all kinds of help you need will be a better idea in this case.