Low rise lift

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

Low-rise lifts are suitable for shops that wish to save space while providing a high level of service. In terms of comfort and convenience, these scissor lifts have the capability to be on par with full-size two-post lifts and four-post lifts in many situations. 

Scissor lifts, on the other hand, are typically used in garages with low ceilings. All low-rise scissor lifts provide plenty of working area, and many of them are available in both drive-on and flush-mount configurations.

A variety of scissor lifts are available in the market, some of which provide complete access to automobile undercarriages, whereas others are designed exclusively for wheel maintenance, suspension work, and auto detailing. 

Whatever the need, you can find a low-rise scissor lift that is ideal for somebody requiring a lift to move automobiles over a pit. They are cost-effective lifting instruments that allow technicians to stand up straight even in low-ceilinged areas.

How does a scissor lift work?

Scissor lifts use a hydraulic system to raise or lower their boom. The hydraulic fluid is stored in either a horizontal cylinder or a vertical cylinder, depending on the model of the lift. 

There are advantages and disadvantages for each type of setup, which you can read more about in our blog post on scissor lift hydraulic systems. When using these lifts, always remember that they are only capable of lifting loads that are equal to or less than their rated capacities.

Also, make sure that your overhead obstruction clearances are greater than the working height of your low-rise lift.

Types of low rise lifts

Flush Mount Scissor Lifts - A flush mount low-rise lift is specifically designed for space-constrained scenarios. They are self-supporting lifts with no permanent structure required to support their functionality. 

Drive-on Low Rise Lifts - A drive-on low rise lift is a lightweight device that can be mounted on the chassis of an automobile or placed into a vehicle without causing it any harm or damage. These are usually used in factories, depots, workshops, garages, and many other locations where ground-level entry is permitted by authorities.

Mechanics use low rise scissor lifts for wheel maintenance

Low rise scissor lifts are extremely useful for auto detailers who want to work comfortably at eye level with automobiles. Prior to detailing wheels, these mechanics have to jack up the car to unbolt the wheels, which are cumbersome to remove otherwise.

Low-rise scissor lifts for cars can take away this pain, as all that you have to do is place these devices below the chassis of automobiles. Thereafter, you just have to adjust them accurately so that they are at an ideal height range for detailing work.

Operators working on low-rise lifts have significantly lower job-related injuries than those who don't use such lifts. Even car owners can opt to use these scissor lifts for DIY purposes if they're not intimidated by doing things like changing their motor oil or rotating tires with their own hands.

How much do low-rise lifts cost?

Low-rise lifts are generally cheaper than high-rise car lifts because they offer fewer features and benefits to the users. A large number of budget manufacturers have entered the market, which has made it easy for everyone to purchase one without worrying too much about the cost factor.

However, you should conduct enough research before buying one so that you can select a product within your budget range without any hassles in the end. Buying a cheap lift is not always a good idea when quality is concerned, no matter how inexpensive it seems at first glance. Therefore, always choose wisely when buying something important.

Low-rise car lifts are invaluable for people who operate in tight spaces and need to perform their maintenance work quickly without having to strain themselves. They're easy to set up, use, and store away when not in use because of the folding mechanisms that they come with.

If you've been hesitating or pondering about purchasing a low-rise lift for your garage or workshop until now, then it's time to make this purchase as soon as possible!

Which is the best low-rise lift?

Now let's talk about something that holds the most of your interest at this moment, "Which Low-Rise Scissor lift to buy?" 

Well, sorry to disappoint you, there is no one-word answer to this question. The answer can be different for different persons due to their requirements, personal preferences, and budget. All of these factors play a significant role when selecting the best lift for you.

To make it easier for you, we have brought together a list of top-quality scissor lifts. You can check this list and choose the one most suitable for your particular needs. There is no specific order to the list so that you can choose without any worry.

BendPak LR-10000 lbs. (5175232) Low-Rise Lift

In today's vehicles such as cars and trucks, the LR-10000 low-rise lift is the ideal choice for providing speedy service while also increasing overall productivity. A wide range of vehicles will be accommodated for everything from tire and brake services to automobile detailing and body repair.

Rotary VLXS7 Low-Rise Lift

With the VLXS7, you can enjoy cutting-edge lifting convenience in a compact package. This scissor lift with a 7,000-pound capacity is perfect if you have to tackle a high volume of brakes and tires problems. Unibody and lower profile vehicles can also be easily handled with this lift due to its 4 rubber blocks which grant quick access.

VLXS10 Low-Rise Lift

With a capacity of 10000 lbs, the VLXS10 is enough to accommodate most of the vehicles safely. The sturdy frame, powerful lift pads, improved drive-over ability, and adapters are the outstanding features that make it prominent among other lifts in the same category.  

Dannmar DLR-6

Dannmar's DLR-6 occupies a very small area and can lift any vehicle to 6000 lbs easily. This is the best choice for commercial use as well as for car enthusiasts who want to repair their vehicle at home. 

DLR-6 makes it easier for you to perform all the maintenance related to tires, brakes, and oil changes by lifting the car two feet above the ground. Its heavy-duty steel frame is quite sturdy, and multi-position locks make it very safe for you to work.

Will low-rise lifts suit all types of vehicles?

Low-rise scissor lifts are generally designed to accommodate vehicles that weigh under 7500 lbs. Before buying a low-rise scissor lift, you need to ensure that it will be able to lift your vehicle and all its accessories without causing any damage or undue stress on the machine's parts and components.

If you're opting for a brand new low-rise lift, then you might not have to worry much about whether your car can fit in or not, but if you're purchasing one online then make sure to do some background checks.

There are numerous older models of these lifts available at relatively cheaper prices which were best suited for cars when they were introduced decades ago. Such outdated models could pose safety problems when used with heavier cars and trucks.

How to safely use a low-rise lift?

When it comes to using any type of equipment that involves high voltage, then safety precautions have to be taken in the interest of both the users and others around them. In the case of lifts, even though they're quite safe when used responsibly, there are certain things you need to keep in mind so as to avoid accidents or injuries while working with one:

  1. Never stand on top of a car or truck when it's being lifted by a scissor lift. This is because the bottom part of this material handling equipment does not support your weight and can collapse under it. If you're climbing up or down from a vehicle when it's been raised into the air then secure the lift on its casters so that you can do so without falling.
  2. Always use safety straps or harnesses to ensure personal safety when working with a low-rise scissor lift. Since your height is increased, you might fall on hard surfaces if you're not careful enough, especially if any of the tires deflate suddenly. Thus, always make sure to use the built-in seatbelt of these lifts for better support and security.
  3. Never raise or lower vehicles while standing on their rims. This could damage both the rims as well as the frame of your vehicle, which would be an unnecessary expense for fixing at a later stage of time. Instead of putting both hands on the controls to operate them, you can keep your left hand on the locking lever to prevent accidental movement.

What are the advantages of low-rise lifts?

Some of the most beneficial features that make low-rise scissor lifts ideal for home garages, commercial workshops, and car dealerships are listed below:

  • Easily accessible: These lifts have a lower profile which makes it easy for workers to reach underneath vehicles with ease. A production line worker or an assembly line worker who is tasked with changing tires or repairing brakes won't have to struggle hard to complete his/her job. Rather than climbing underneath the vehicle, he/she will be able to do all their tasks in one go without having to come back later on. 
  • Easy storage: Most of the people who opt for a low-rise lift buy it because they do not have a lot of space available in their garage or workshop to accommodate a full-size car lift. The extra height offered by these lifts doesn't come at the cost of storage because these machines are foldable as well. Such features make these lifts highly portable so that users can carry them from one place to another without much hassle.
  • Easy to assemble: If you've already owned a tall lift before, then assembling a scissor lift will be relatively easy for you since most companies have streamlined this workflow into an assembly line process which is very simple and straightforward. You'll simply have to follow the instructions included with your product package and all your problems will be solved. You can even get help from an online guide or manual for this purpose.

Final word

At the end of the day, low-rise lifts are a good option for beginners and pros alike. Whether you need them for your home garage or workplace and whether it's going to be your first time using such equipment or not, these machines will do their job well. They're quite affordable too so that people can choose amongst different models with an eye on quality rather than just price.

However, always remember that product quality also depends upon how responsibly you use such lifts. If you follow safety precautions carefully throughout then you'll never have any problem at all while operating this material handling equipment.