VD September 09 2021

MaxJax M6K Portable Two-Post Garage Lift by Jeg's MaxJax™ is a portable two-post lift engineered to deliver unbeatable performance, reliability, and economy. One minute you are driving your car into the MaxJax™ Stow 'n Go Cabinet, then push a button, and presto, the car is suspended in midair ready for service. Not only can MaxJax™ be used as a regular low-profile two-post lift, but it also has an amazing Stow & Goes cabinet so you can store your vehicle inside AND access its entire undercarriage!

What is a two-post lift?


A two-post lift is a device that is used to lift vehicles, typically cars, in order to allow access to the underside of the vehicle. Two-post lifts are typically either floor-mounted or pit-mounted and have two vertically oriented posts that the vehicle's wheels rest on.

There are a number of different types of two-post lifts, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Floor-mounted two-post lifts are typically more stable and easier to install than pit-mounted lifts, but they take up more floor space. Pit-mounted lifts, on the other hand, can be more difficult to install but are often less expensive.

Two-post lifts are typically used in garages or repair shops and can be very useful for a variety of tasks such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake repairs. They can also be used simply for storing vehicles off the ground.

What to consider when choosing a two-post car lift?

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing a two-post car lift. The first factor is the height of the lifting columns. You will want to make sure that the columns are tall enough to accommodate your vehicle. The second factor is the weight capacity of the lift. Make sure that the lift can support the weight of your vehicle. The third factor is the width of the lifting platform. You will want to make sure that the platform is wide enough to accommodate your vehicle. The fourth factor is the length of the lifting arms. You will want to make sure that the arms are long enough to reach your vehicle. The fifth factor is the safety features of the lift. Make sure that the lift has all of the safety features that you need.

Of course, these are not all the parameters you need to keep in mind when choosing an elevator for a home garage or auto shop. If you are seriously thinking about the purchase of this tool - you should delve into this topic with your head, because it depends not only on the convenience during the repair of the car but also on your safety. We have already written, What to Consider When You Buy a Two-Post Car Lift, so if you are faced with a difficult choice - read the article and maybe you will find something that will interest you.

Benefits of MaxJax M6K Two-Post lift

If you are determined to buy a two-post cat lift, then you should look at the real professionals of their business. MaxJax has been in the hydraulic equipment market for a long time, and its products are in high demand and loved by customers. Choose an elevator from their range and you can rest assured that you will get reliability and safety, and any maintenance on your car will be a pleasure. See why people love MaxJax two-post cat lifts



Portability is a key feature that sets the MaxJax™ apart from all other two-post lifts. MaxJax™ is so portable, that there's NO need for a permanent installation and you can take it with you if you move or relocate your vehicle within your own garage or even to another garage at home!

Stow To Go In Less Than 15-Minutes

When you want access to your vehicle's undercarriage, just drive it onto the platform and push a button on the remote control unit - presto, your car is suspended in midair ready for service. No heavy lifting, no strong-arm tactics nor hours of grunting effort needed to lift the entire front end off the ground.

Low Profile Arms


MaxJax™ has specially designed arms that lay down flat to the ground when lifted up, so you can easily drive over them without damaging your vehicle's body panels.

Automatic Arm Restraints. Auto-locking arm restraints automatically clamp onto the undercarriage of any car or truck providing unmatched safety and security for even the highest horsepower vehicles.

Single-Piece Columns


All MaxJax™ columns are one-piece construction, not bolted together like some competitors' two-post lifts which result in a sturdier lift with less flexing and shaking than only solid one-piece steel make possible.

Direct Drive Technology (DDP)

maxjax-two-post-lift-uses-direct-drive-technology-to-lift-or-to-lower-the vehicle

For unmatched smoothness, reliability, and durability DDP is exclusive on all Jeg's MaxJax™ two-post lifts. By eliminating the gearbox (and its inherent problems), DDP gives you the freedom to raise and lower your vehicle at any speed within reason with no strain or stress on the lifting components.

Industrial Grade Hydraulic Cylinders


MaxJax™ uses only industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders made of special alloyed steel, not chrome plated mild steel like some competitive models. These cylinders are designed for maximum fluid capacity with increased corrosion resistance, increased piston rod diameter for greater strength, and specially formulated elastomeric boots which offer superior abrasion resistance and flexibility over temperature ranges from 0°F to 120°F (-18°C to 48.8°C).

MaxJax M6K Features

1. Stow 'n Go garage cabinet with hydraulic power lift mechanism.

2. Compact, lightweight design (less than 28-pounds).

3. Single-Piece heavy-duty steel columns.

4. Direct Drive Technology (DDP) for smoothness and reliability.

5. Heavy Duty industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders deliver high performance at any lift speed within reason up to 1000 lbs per minute - higher speeds are possible but not recommended.

6. Maintenance-free slide blocks - no lubrication required ever!

7. Low-profile arm design allows vehicles to pass over the arm without damage to the body or vehicle (unlike standard 2 post models that lay arms flat on the ground).

MaxJax M6K Specifications

  • Lifting Capacity: 6,000-pounds
  • Motor: ½ horsepower DC motor with overload protection
  • Weight of Unit: 71 pounds
  • Total No-Load Height: 70 inches (measured from the centerline of post)

MaxJax M6K Maximum Allowable Vehicle 


  • Vehicle Type Front Rear
  • Passenger car 4,000 lbs
  • Light Truck 5,000 lbs
  • Medium/Heavy Duty Trucks  6,250 lbs *must follow lift loading guidelines on page 11 of the Operator's Manual before attempting to lift a Heavy Duty truck or any vehicle in excess of 6,000-lbs

MaxJax M6K Dimensions

Width Between Posts: 55 inches (measured from the centerline of posts) Note: A Post Lubricator is required for this width to allow space for the hydraulic rams when they are raised up. See page 14 in Operator's Manual for more information on post lubrication.

Depth with Column Extended: 67" / 170 cm (to back face of column)

Depth with Column Retracted: 49" / 124 cm (to top of lift platform)


The MaxJax M6K Garage Lift meets the demands of many home garages. This lift is smooth and quick. It has an easy-to-use wireless remote control, and it can handle everything from a compact sports car up to a large SUV or pick-up truck with ease. The lift's arms have low profiles so that they will not touch down on the vehicle as you raise it up! With all these features added together, you have one of the safest and easiest garage lifts available today!

MaxJax M6K Portable Two-Post Garage Lift is a great solution for those who need a two-post lift that they can move around in their shop or home garage easily.