Mid-rise car lift

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

Scissor lifts are becoming a common piece of equipment in automotive repair shops because of their low-profile design and manageable lifting heights. A full-size two-post lift is ideal for mechanics who must stand for long periods to complete oil changes, transmission drops, and other time-consuming tasks. 

However, because of the additional space required by these lifts, it is common practice to maintain a wide range of industries to grow.  If you have a small garage, a midrise car lift will accommodate additional equipment without occupying too much space.

Open-center and closed-center mid-rise lifts

A closed-center car lift means that it is enclosed and does not offer open access to technicians. Sufficient for a mechanic shop where there is little or no traffic, but these lifts are not recommended for automotive professionals who must work on the go often.

Not only do they block your view while working on cars, but they can cause accidents if you are not careful. According to OSHA, 23 percent of all injuries due to falls are caused by midrises in closed-center configuration.

Open-center designs that provide unrestricted access allow mechanics to walk underneath while cars are parked above them. Efficient auto shops rely on an open center design because it allows operators to see exactly what is happening during any stage of service. This translates into shorter repair times and lower rates of errors.

Although it does not offer the same degree of sophistication as other models, midrise open-center car lifts are ideal for basic garage needs. They are also safe to use if you have a limited budget because they require less maintenance than closed-center designs.

When deciding between an open-center or closed-center lift, determine which type of service you plan to provide. If your shop offers only routine tasks such as oil changes and tire rotations, make sure that it is safe enough to use with minimal supervision.

Closed centers are perfect for shops where employees are trained to handle large equipment correctly, but people who make mistakes may be at risk due to a lack of visibility under these car lifts.

What makes mid-rise car lift different

For convenience and productivity, the open-center design of a midrise car lift is the winner. It is designed for everyone who works on automobiles, whether in their garage, a full-service shop, or a quick-lube pit. Auto shops with low ceilings will appreciate this sturdy mid-rise elevator.

Mid-rise car lifts are also designed to eliminate a number of mistakes, especially in full-service outlets. Because the mid-rise car lift is open in the center, it provides excellent visibility throughout the car when working on brakes, aligning tires, or other tasks that can be done from under the hood. In addition, this design eliminates sharp points and edges that could pose safety hazards.

In contrast to two-post lifts where occupants must clamber over cars being worked on or access them from sharp corners and protrusions, with a midrise elevator you have nothing but smooth surfaces for easy climbing. Mid-rise elevators can support a greater capacity than many standard high-risers with a single operator.

A powered mid- elevator lift is ideal for workshops that feature huge inventory. This allows you adjustments to accommodate an automobile without needing assistance from another technician.

Automotive lifts are used in the vehicle, allowing them to get to work on any part of the car safely. Because mid-risers are open in the center, they offer easy access to passengers and other cars that may be parked near them. 

Since these elevators can be adjusted at any time during operation, technicians can focus on their jobs rather than fiddling with equipment settings while performing automotive repairs.

Raising an automobile does not require additional tools or training beyond what mechanics already know about using a scissor lift. As long as the automotive lift has been installed properly and maintained correctly, there will be no problems. 

Stand-alone midrise car lifts can be easily reversed to avoid damaging any parts. If you need to change the direction of travel, all that is required is a few minutes and a little patience.

The MDS-6 series is a game-changer

It's a mechanical wonder that this mid-rise lift has an open center. We've learned a lot over the years about developing equipment that can securely connect to the lift points of practically any car.

Your ramps can be added or removed at any time

It's now easier than ever to convert a low-rise lift to a flush-mount design. The ramps can be adequately connected to the platform in our design. In particular, the wheel wells of raised vehicles can be easily accessed. They slide into place since they have slotted receivers. They may be quickly removed from the frames by pulling upward.

Redesigned chains and sprockets

In the past, we found that gear manufacturers for low-rise car lifts had been using weaker steel. It has now been replaced with a stronger alloy to make our rear sprockets. Our redesigned chains have an improved pin design for added strength and durability. We also use high-quality bearings throughout the lift system to make them as efficient as possible.

A level of comfort is provided by all this equipment, which is why it's important to keep your automotive lift working properly at all times. The MDS-6 series midrise lift from EAM offers many benefits over standard high risers, but it's just one of several mid-range elevators that have been designed for automotive repair shops, big box stores, and specialty service centers.

Lifting from a collapsed position with greater force

Using a pivoting "kicker" mechanism, the mid-rise lift can lift cars with little ground clearance. Unfortunately, when fully lowered, several scissor models have inadequate mechanical advantages. When the frames elevate a few inches, they have little lifting power. For the very first six inches, our kicker acts as a rocket booster.

Lock bars made of solid steel

Locks engage automatically at various heights when the platforms ascend. As the platforms rise, this safety element provides two things: greater flexibility in working postures and increased safety. By resting the safety arms on the mechanical locks, hydraulics is prevented from working. Hydraulic pressure is restored as soon as the lift starts moving.

A lock release mechanism with a push button

It's as simple as pressing a button to unlock the mechanical lock system. Instantly, the locks are deactivated, and the lift descends entirely. You've never seen a lock release method as convenient or easy to operate.

Rubber contact blocks that are durable and comfortable

Durable rubber blocks make some models especially useful. Less expensive models sell little pads and blocks that disintegrate after heavy use from competitors.  

A total of three different ways to secure things

With the lift blocks in place, midrise car lifts can reach up to 44" of rising. In a mid-rise lift, having more lock positions helps you better manage your task. Use one of the lower settings if you only need to raise the axles a few inches off the ground. 

Select a flush-mount installation

Choosing a mid-rise lift is the best option if you want a flawless sub-surface installation. It is important to note that most unibody and frame-contact undercarriages can be lifted using the lift system and contact blocks at manufacturer-recommended pick-up places on most cars.

If you are buying a midrise car lift for your own use, consider your vehicle's characteristics, particularly cargo space and overall height, before making a purchase.

Automotive lifts for sale: how to save money

Mid-rise car lifts are probably the most commonly used design for automotive service centers. Despite its popularity, purchasing an elevator may seem like a daunting task due to prices that can exceed $ 50,000.

If you are on a budget but still want industry-level features, there are ways to get what you need without spending all your savings on one item. Two common options include leasing and renting. Both methods allow users to try equipment first before making any commitments or investments in renovations or upgrades.

Leasing is more appropriate for shops with decent profit margins who just need the lift long enough to pay it off through discounted rental rates.  Purchased mid-rises require higher down payments because the full price is required upfront. It's still a good idea to start this process as early as possible and shop around for deals.

Most manufacturers offer special deals for their first customers, so there may be an extra incentive to choose one company over another. Other ways to save money include asking about delivery fees and financing rates.

Financing rates vary from one manufacturer to another, so it's best to deal with only those who provide bank-sponsored loans if you need them. Some commercial equipment providers can even arrange your personal financing through banks they regularly work with so that you don't have to worry about establishing credit or meeting certain requirements before approval.

Automotive lifts: additional benefits  

Midrise car lifts are a popular choice for many reasons. Along with the reduced risk of injury and stress on your back, there are other benefits to using this equipment:

Height advantage: midrise car lifts give you a better vantage point than scissor lifts because their platforms sit higher off the ground. This is especially useful when working underneath high vehicles such as big rigs or semi-trucks delivering goods from coast to coast.

Multiple uses: This type of lift is versatile enough to be used in any workspace that requires one or more service elevators. It can also be moved from space to space (with some models) and even serve as a transfer lift between shops and garages according to the hours needed.

Improved efficiency: Automotive lifts for sale include remote controls so you can drive the car into position and use the lift without needing to climb under it. This helps technicians do their job faster, with less effort needed to finish tasks, which leads to more satisfied customers.

Customization: Some lifts include customization options for aesthetic updates or additional features such as wheel lifts or work platforms. Of course, most models are already designed for specific kinds of vehicles so users don't need too much modification done before including them in daily operations.


Mid-rise car lifts are suitable for a wide array of needs because their compact design can be used in tight spaces. They're also cost-effective; mid-rises don't require as much maintenance as other models, and they typically have longer lifespans.  

If you're looking for something more affordable than big-budget hydraulic jacks, there is no better choice than this type of equipment. When searching for an auto lift that's both functional and versatile enough to handle most tasks with ease, there are many options available that meet your individual preferences. After all, quality does not have to equal high costs if you know where to look.