Portable Car Scissor Lifts for Home Garage

VD July 07 2021

It can be time-consuming and at the same time rewarding when you fix and improve your vehicle at home. However, you may need more equipment than a standard garage at home to get the job done. When you have the right vehicle lift, it can be very helpful to eliminate any stressors, and you can easily take care of the maintenance tasks. If some repair work on your car involves manipulating the underbody of your vehicle, you don't need to roll around on the cold floor and get dirty. Use a car scissor lift - and get your car fixed at a comfortable height and in a comfortable posture for you!

You might be surprised to know that it is possible to fit a car scissor lift into the home garage. The bulk of the car lifts are made for low ceilings, but the portable scissor lifts can be accommodated in a home parking lot. 

What is a scissor lift?

A scissor or a hinge-type frame usually lies flat on the floor, allowing you to drive on top and position the car for lifting. The vehicle gets lifted either by the scissor joints or the beams to a low height, mostly around three to four feet.

You don’t usually need to bolt down a garage scissor lift, and you can easily do the wheelwork as the wheels and suspension are very much accessible. It is worth noting that the car scissor lifts for a home garage can sometimes be heavy and may require some power to move.

What Is The Usage Of Scissor Lift?

Most often such a mechanism is found in car repair shops and enterprises associated with the repair of machinery. Recently, however, there has been a tendency for people to use scissor lifts in their garages. They greatly simplify the process of vehicle maintenance. Just lift the car and do whatever you need to do, from oil changes to engine repairs and gearbox disassembling. By lifting the car a few feet, you can change the tires and finally find out what's making the rear left wheel knock so much :)

Will The Scissor Lift Be Useful For You?

Whether or not to purchase this device is a personal matter. But there is no doubt that a scissor lift will perfectly complement the set of tools of any motorist. It provides you with comfort - no more crawling under the car to unscrew that hard-to-reach bolt - you can twist nuts at the height that will be convenient for you. What's more, this design gives you safety - you can be sure that the machine is securely fixed even at height and won't fall on your head

Car scissor lift types

Low-rise scissor lifts


These lifts tend to take up the least amount of space and can easily fit in your home garage. Compared to the mid-rise or full-rise lifts, the low-rise allows more limited room, but they grant an abundance of assistance for DIY'ers. 

Mid-rise scissor lifts


If you are looking for comfort and a little more working height, then the mid-rise lifts can be the best option. The garage scissor lift may need a little more overhead space to work, but you don’t need to bolt them down, which makes it a great option for a home garage.

Full-rise lifts

You may find a full-rise lift to be a little less common, but as an option for your home garage, it can be a useful yet often overlooked tool. Most people get involved in the full-rise car lifts and operate 2-post lifts. Yet, some of the benefits are considerably uncommon for the scissor lifts. Most often, full-rise lifts are not considered to be portable.


The best thing about portable scissor lifts is that they are a lot more varied than others. This is the main reason why the majority of car enthusiasts opt for the scissor lifts instead of a full-size 2-post lift. It will be great if you have room to allow space for a taller lift, but car scissor lifts for the home garage are among the safest.

If after reading this article you're thinking about buying a hoist - you can read the list of car lifts that we recommend to you! Choose wisely, and the repair of your car will bring you only pleasant emotions, even in the most cramped garage!


Is a portable scissor lift a safe option?

To get comfort and safety, you should always be going for maximum space. Portable scissor lifts are considered to be the safest option.

Can a car scissor lift be placed in a home garage?

Many units can work in a home garage, and the scissor lift is one of these. However, your garage has to meet specific requirements to fit a scissor lift.

Can anyone use a scissor lift?

A scissor lift can be dangerous and may cause accidents leading to injuries, equipment, and structural damage. Therefore, a person operating scissor lifts must have the training and a license.