Ranger motorcycle lifts

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

If repairing and maintaining bikes and ATVs is your true calling, you'll need a specialized motorcycle lift. It facilitates the workers and makes the work easier for them, making them less likely to suffer from exhaustion due to their increased height. Industry specialists all over the world rely on our pneumatic motorbike lifts and air-over-hydraulic raising systems during their work.

How does motorcycle lift work?

A motorcycle lift is a mechanical machine that helps in raising and lowering the motorcycle. The lift has an arm, which is attached to a hydraulic cylinder, and the arm is attached to a base through adjustable tie cables. Then there are bolt assemblies that secure the front fork as well as the rear swing-arm (conventional motorcycles).

These bolts can be loosened or tightened using nuts, which rotate around their axis when they are turned by special wrenches. As for specific machines designed for sports bikes, those need not have their forks secured; they would usually have to be lifted by means of narrow jacks inserted under them.

Height adjustment of motorcycle lifts varies according to customers' requirements. However, if you want your workers to benefit from maximum safety and comfort, you should choose a motorcycle lift that has a height adjustment up to 12 feet.

Sometimes it may be difficult for workers to reach higher sections of the bike with their tools without such an adjustment system. This pneumatic motorcycle lift is also amazing because it provides space for different designs and sorts of attachments. For example, if your work involves dealing with 3 or 4-piece shaft drive bikes, you would need such an attachment to support the drive shafts.

Ranger - who are they?

Ranger is a company that specializes in manufacturing and selling heavy-duty metalworking equipment, such as hydraulic motorcycle lifts. Their products are the ultimate solution for those who need to quickly and safely lift bikes or machines that weigh hundreds of pounds without spending too much time on technical details.

If you're not sure what model to choose from their comprehensive selection, be sure to check out HVLP Series, Ranger's high-volume pneumatic motorbike lift which has been recommended by so many professionals. It takes just 20 minutes for this machine to raise a wheeled vehicle up to 12 feet high and it can accommodate vehicles weighing about 4 tons.

The structure of this unit includes solid steel base plates, wide-angle arms, and tie cables with optimum foil protection. In addition, this model of bike lift has some unique features that will make your work as a mechanic much more efficient- it has a high speed manual hydraulic pump, which is equipped with variable displacement and a dual head design for lifting motorcycles on both sides of the unit at the same time.

This means that you can set one motorcycle down while another is being raised by up to 3/4 of an inch. For machines weighing less than 1 ton, you can lower them without engaging the locking system.

This company's innovative technology allows these lifts to be used for many different purposes – from making repairs on ATVs and mopeds to servicing racing bikes. If you want your equipment to be long-lasting and durable enough for daily use in a professional environment, you should definitely consider buying high-quality products from this manufacturer.

Various types of Ranger motorcycle lifts

  • Lift table (recommended by beginners)
  • Scissor lift (recommended for small vehicles)
  • Hydraulic lift (heavy-duty option recommended for professionals)
  • Jack stand (a must-have if working on vehicles yourself - make sure they are suitable for weight of your bike
  • Bike dollie (for moving the bike around an area, not supported on its own)

For additional information about Ranger products, check out their customer service department or visit one of their international dealerships.

We have compiled a list after thorough research to bring the best motorcycle lifts for all bike enthusiasts. In this article, we will provide you with vital data so that you can compare all the great lifts and choose the one perfect for you.

Tuxedo M-1500C–HR

M1500C-HR is a beast as it's one of the strongest units available in the market. Its larger size helps it to handle all types of bikes ranging from lightweight to heavyweight models. M-1500C can even lift ATVs and lawnmowers.

Best for commercial use due to its diamond plate steel constitution, which makes this Lift very stable. Some of its outstanding features are the scissor frame, extendable platform, adjustable height (variable), drop-out panel, casters, large capacity, and professional pump.

All in all, it offers excellent value for money.

Black Widow BW-550 Hydraulic

A great option for both home garage and professionals. Its powder-coated heavy-duty steel body is rust and scratch-resistant. The mechanic can load large motorcycles on it and raise the platform to a comfortable height.

It uses a hydraulic mechanism to lift the vehicle, which is a simple but most effective operation for this type of work. In addition, the steel platform is also big enough to handle bulky motorcycles. Its panel offers easy and quick access to the tires, and there is also a front-wheel clamp as a safety measure to work safely.

We can confidently say this motorcycle lift is a great investment for your home garage or a commercial auto shop.

APlus Lift AP 1500X

Covered with glossy thick paint to protect its steel body from scratches, the AP 1500X is best for professionals and home users. It can lift up to 1500 lbs with the help of a scissor system. The height of the lift is adjustable between 33" to 7". At 7 inch height, you can quickly load the vehicle on the rack, and the 84 inches long and 24 inches wide stand can even accommodate longer bikes.

To change the height, it has a pneumatic system which you can operate with your foot.

Black Widow ProLift

With the help of its heavy-duty build, this motorcycle lift can handle heavy vehicles up to 1500 lbs. A 105" x 48" stand is wide enough for almost all motorcycles, but if you are not happy with it, two extensions available in the kit can increase the space even further. Bikes, lawnmowers, and ATVs, you can mount anything you want on this rack! 

A front-wheel choke keeps the bike in place when you are doing the repairs, so it is entirely safe. You can adjust the height with the pneumatic system. A true winner on this list!

Price range from Ranger motorcycle lifts

As you have read above, the factors that influence the prices of these units are build quality and size. As expected, professional products cost more than those designed for home use.

Obviously, it is better to invest in a durable lift instead of buying one every year. In order to save money but not make any compromises on safety, you should check for a warranty for each product before making the purchase.

Tuxedo M-1500C–HR - from $2399

Black Widow BW-550 Hydraulic – from $2995

APlus Lift AP 1500X – from $2199

Black Widow ProLift – from $4499

Sizes range of Ranger motorcycle lifts

Manufacturers also provide different sizes for these lifts, which you can choose depending on the size of your garage or storage place. The smallest ones are not meant for professional use but rather home storage. Beginners should choose smaller units because they are cheaper and suitable even for storing several motorcycles in a small space.

Black Widow BW-550 Hydraulic – 24" x 48" lifting height

Tuxedo M-1500C–HR - 33" x 84 " lifting height

APlus Lift AP 1500X - 26″ to 72" lifting height  (adjusts within this range)

Black Widow ProLift - 30" to 90" lifting height (adjusts within this range)

All in all, it's best that you invest in a motorcycle lift if you have limited space to store, repair, and maintain your vehicles. Just follow our guide on Ranger motorcycle lifts, check the tips for buying one, and make an informed decision.

Other considerations while choosing a motorcycle lift

You can place your lift in a garage or the floor of the shop, but it's better to have a concrete floor to avoid vibration. 

Make sure that there are no obstacles around. The lift should offer enough space for you to work comfortably with your motorcycle.

Some lifts will not swing out so far, avoid these types if you have limited space.

If you are planning on using this equipment regularly for different bikes, choose a heavy-duty model so that it can handle all weights without any problems. The top models are more expensive but worth every penny! They are stable and durable for daily use in professional environments too! Don't compromise safety or quality just because of the price range. 


Ranger motorcycle lifts are a good investment for most people because it is not only cost-efficient but also versatile and suitable for many purposes such as storage, maintenance, and repairs. If you are looking to buy a lift for your vehicle, check the tips listed above on how you can choose the right one. We hope that our guide helped you come to a decision!