Recommended Portable Car Lifts for Your Home Garage

VD October 10 2021

If you have to work on your car a few times a year, then you must think about investing in a good car lift. Depending on the size of your workspace, there are several different types of car lifts. However, it doesn’t matter whether it is a full-blown shop or a home garage, a portable car lift is still the best option for you. 

Lifts can be beneficial in saving your precious time, as they can help you get done with the repairs efficiently and quickly. You may still consider lifts to be a great choice if you are storing your vintage car or working on a slow restoration throughout the winter season. So, you can forget the jacks and stands, because a lift can save you valuable time. In addition, it is safer, too.

What Is Portable Car Lift?

A portable car lift is an automotive tool that enables vehicle owners to quickly and easily raise their vehicles off the ground so that they can access hard-to-reach areas. This type of device is typically used for routine maintenance tasks, such as oil changes or tire rotations. Portable car lifts come in many different styles and models, some of which are small enough that owners can store them in their vehicle's trunk or backseat.

Benefits Of Portable Car Lifts

There are many benefits to using a portable car lift. They are easy to set up and operate, making them ideal for home garages or workshops. They can accommodate a wide range of vehicles, from sports cars to large trucks, and are available in different sizes to suit different needs. Additionally, many portable car lifts are electrically powered and feature safety features such as locks that prevent accidental release of the lifting mechanism.

What Are The Different Types Of Portable Car Lifts?

There are three main types of portable car lifts on the market today: manual portable car lifts, electric portable car lifts, and hydraulic portable car lifts.

Manual models consist of a heavy-duty frame that is placed beneath the vehicle. To lift or lower your car, you use a hand-operated crank to turn the wheels that are attached to the frame.

Electric models work similarly to their manual counterparts. However, rather than using a hand-operated crank, they use an electric motor and battery pack to raise and lower your vehicle.

Hydraulic models are the most powerful and heavy-duty type of portable car lift. They work by using a hydraulic system to raise and lower your vehicle.

How Do I Choose The Right Portable Car Lift For My Home Garage?

When choosing a portable car lift, it’s important to consider your specific needs. First, think about how often you’ll be using the lift. If you only need it for occasional use, like changing tires twice a year, or changing your engine oil, a manual or electric model should suffice. However, if you plan on using the lift frequently, for example, if you are owning a special garage, or having a few cars that should be inspected often, a hydraulic model would be a better option.

Another thing to consider is the weight of your vehicle. Make sure to choose a lift that can accommodate the weight of your car. 

Remember, your safety is paramount! And if the elevator can support a passenger car, it does not necessarily support a pickup truck. Before buying such a tool you should check the manual and make sure that the weight of your car is within the limits of the permissible load of the equipment. Do not overload the elevator so that the car does not fall on your head during work!

Finally, think about where you’ll be using the lift. If you need it to be portable, look for a model with caster wheels.

List of best portable car lifts

MaxJax M6K


Type: Electric

The patented design of MaxJax M6K can be the perfect choice for a professional automotive shop or a home garage. The overall height of the lift is 89.5”, and this makes it possible to fit under the low ceilings. There are many features found in MaxJax, which make it the best option when you look for a car lift. As it is portable, you can store it out of the way after using it, which gives you much more room when you don't need to lift the vehicles.

MaxJax is a permanently installed lift, but it is still easy to transport. The four 22” x 10” wheels make it easier for you to move the lift around while cleaning your garage or workshop. You can detach these wheels in no time and reinstall them when needed.

The motor of MaxJax M6K has enough power to lift up to 6,000 pounds, which makes it possible for you to use it with SUVs, trucks, Jeeps, and vans. While lifting up your vehicle, the patented hydraulic system gets activated within seconds by using just one-foot pedal action.

MaxJax also comes with an exclusive pneumatic locking system that ensures security once the car is lifted high enough off ground. Moreover, each of the four adjustable safety locking arms is made from heavy-duty steel plates, which can hold on to any vehicle. This system helps you lock the car so that it won't slip or fall down.

In addition to this, there are two push buttons for releasing those arms from underneath the car. It means that your car won't be dropped back on the ground if you release a button by mistake. A hydraulic power unit and a 60” high-pressure hose with a quick connector provide you with smooth operation. What more could you ask for?

MaxJax M6K is available at more than 20 authorized dealers across North America and online, too!



Type: Hydraulic

If you love to wrench and own a small vehicle, you will find BL-3500SLX to be the only car replacement for the stands and jacks you want. This model is engineered for longevity and durability and is made from 14-gauge steel, making other heavy-duty models of Quickjack. The lifting capacity of this portable lift is 3,500 lbs. which makes it enough for race cars and small sedans, while it can also neatly fit into most backseats and trunks.

BL-3500SLX is designed for small vehicles, but it can be adjusted with great ease. The steel base of this device is extremely lightweight and comes with removable casters so that you can store or move it around during cleaning. You can adjust the lift height in four different stages up to 40”, which makes it even more versatile than most other car lifts on the market today.

When you are purchasing a portable car lift, safety should be your number one priority. So, that's why QuickJack has made sure that BL-3500SLX is engineered to offer maximum protection against all types of accidents. This model comes equipped with a master hydraulic cylinder lock system and interlocking arms, which eliminates any possibility of the car falling down.

QuickJack also offers two different warranty plans for its products, which include a one-year limited warranty and five years of extended protection at half the price of the original.

BL-4000SLX is definitely worth considering when you are looking for the best portable car lift. For more information on this device, feel free to contact QuickJack or visit their website today!



Type: Hydraulic

Although the majority of vehicles can safely be lifted with any car lift, some vehicles are longer and required a different approach. BL-5000EXT is the right choice as it is an extended-length car lift that can roll and stow, but it offers an extra reach of 6 inches. It also has durable rubber blocks that slide along the extended lift trays, while its entire system is backed by extraordinary safety certification.

Bl-5000EXT has a wider base that ensures the safety of the car while lifting, allowing its maximum capacity to be up to 6,000 lbs. The hydraulic pump is efficient enough for this model to lift up any vehicle quickly. It features an impressive weight capacity of 5,000 lbs., which can be perfect for SUVs and trucks.

BL-5200EXT is definitely one of the most secure car lifts on the market today as it uses interlocking arms with quick connectors along with gas struts to lower trays. This model can hold more than 1,500 pounds per arm which makes it capable of holding down your vehicle even when heavy-duty tools are being used underneath them.



Type: Hydraulic

BL-7000EXT is known to be a remarkable engineering achievement from the Quickjack family. One can get a 66” lift point spread offered by its overall length of 75”. This ensures that one can secure the longer vehicles at the intended jack points of the manufacturer, which may not be possible to achieve with other portable lifts. Other than that, BL-7000EXT ensures excellent safety, and therefore, you don't need a jack stand when using this portable car lift.

BL-7000EXT is very easy to operate and can be done easily with one hand. It also allows the car to be lifted up to 20” above the ground, which is very useful for cleaning purposes. The trays are made of polymer steel that makes it capable of holding down more than 5,500 lbs. Furthermore, the jack has a 4-way roller system that helps in spreading out the load evenly on your vehicle.



Type: Hydraulic

The BL-6000XLT car lift is specially designed for very long wheelbases. This is an excellent model for electric cars, which includes the new vehicles with the lift points running to the extreme edges of the frame of the vehicle. The frame length of 6000XLT is 86," and it offers a 47.5" minimum lift point spread. This model is known to be a smart choice for those who wish to work with electric cars, as most electric vehicles have a long wheelbase.

BL-6000XLT has a weight capacity of 6,000 lbs., which is relatively higher than most car lifts. It comes with arms that are capable of holding down more than 1,200 pounds per arm. The entire system offers ease of operation and safety features that makes it an ideal choice for every garage.

Final Words

A portable car lift can excellently meet the needs of professional technicians and wrenchers in any situation. There is a proprietary flow divider that controls its rise and descent in order to make sure that the frame can remain level at all times. You will also find a portable car lift outfitted with automatic mechanical locks. Therefore, once the vehicle gets lifted, there will not be any chance of lock failure or slippage of the vehicle.

With so many things for you to consider, figuring out which model is the best portable car lift can be a very difficult task. There are other safety measures available other than hydraulic-powered models, but they tend to be more expensive. So just remember that it all boils down to your unique needs and preferences in order to decide which model is the right one for you.


What is the cost of a portable car lift?

Usually, a standard two-port portable car lift having a capacity of 10,000 pounds costs between $2,000 to $3,000. This makes its price almost the same as the four-post auto lift of a little low capacity.

Can a portable car lift be placed on a driveway?

One needs to understand that the lifts are designed for indoor use and must be installed in a temperature-controlled environment. It is possible to put the car lift on the outside or the driveway, but it should be placed inside when not in use.

Are portable lifts a safe option?

Compared to the jack stands and the floor jacks, portable lifts offer increased safety when you install and operate them properly. When you visit a dealership or a service garage, you will find portable lifts to be the best choice among professionals.