Top 10 Lawn Mower Ramps: Pros & Cons Included

VD February 02 2022

When purchasing something for long-term use, it's best to do your due diligence first. While the function of a lawnmower ramp is pretty straightforward, heavy weight lifting demands multiple safety features. If you are looking for such equipment - then pay your attention to these 10 lawn mower ramps - they all were marked as reliable and handy. After all, who else can you trust but the gardeners who have experienced this technique for themselves and helped us make this list? 

What Are The Purpose Of Lawnmower Ramps?

You will agree that without beauty, our life would not be as complete. And what could be more beautiful than a tidy or well-kept garden near your home? But to maintain it in such a condition, ordinary manual labor will not be enough. Sometimes you need to mow the grass, plow the beds, and water the plants, and in this, you will perfectly help with different techniques: garden tractors, lawnmowers, snowblowers, and other lawn care equipment. However, when it comes to transporting such equipment - it can be quite a difficult task. Such equipment usually takes up a lot of space and requires a lot of effort to transport. No worries! That's why lawnmower ramps were invented - with their help, you can load any equipment, even the heaviest garden tractor in the back of your pickup and transport it to the right place without much effort! Lawnmower ramps are rails, designed for easy loading and unloading of agricultural equipment.

What Consider When Choosing A Lawnmower Ramp?

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing new ramps, but if you know what your needs and requirements for them really entail it can be an easy decision. You must research properly so that the wrong equipment doesn't get purchased because there's nothing worse than spending money on something only halfway through its life cycle just because we didn’t look hard enough at first!

What material are you looking for?

Based on the multiple benefits that aluminum has to offer, it’s no surprise why this metal is so popular. But if you work in an environment where there's high humidity and/or salt air or have slippery hands then any other material will be just fine!

Why do you need a set of ramps?

Ramps are a great way to get heavy things on and off your vehicle without having someone help you. There are plenty of options when it comes down to choosing what kind, depending on how often they'll be used or if there is any other property obstructing access like trees in close proximity that might need trimming back some more!
Folks living alone may find themselves needing an extra set while others only require one since their needs vary so much from person to person.

Where are you going to use your ramps?

It is important to consider the ground and surroundings when buying a lawnmower ramp. Ramps are usually used outdoors which means that they should be made of weather-resistant material like steel, wood, or aluminum; however, this can lead us to some problems with corrosion in wet conditions so choose wisely depending on the weather and climate in your area!

Who is going to handle the ramp?

It's true! When you are a newbie and trying to lift the ramp, it might injure your wrist or back. And setting up these things can be tricky sometimes!

So What Lawnmower Ramps Do We Advise?

Hopkins 11935MI Lift Rider Ramps


While the look may be unfamiliar to you, its innovative design allows better maintenance. The curved design and its plastic build make it free of any corrosion and rusting risk in other metal Mower Ramps. 


  • Easier maintenance with the plastic build.
  • The lawnmower can be rolled through effortlessly.


  • Can be slippery

Guardian Dual Runner Shed Ramps

This one can hold much more weight with its sturdier build. With a lifting capacity of 750lbs, the ramps are perfect for sheds. Its design includes a 3.5" spacing and L-shapes with holes for enhanced stability and traction. It has a durable aluminum build that stays free of corrosion and is incredibly lightweight. 


  • The small weight makes lifting and storage easy.
  • Option for permanent mounting. 


  • Doesn't cover a long-range. 

Motorhot Loading Ramps for Lawnmower


With their lightweight build and coverage capacity, the Motorhot ramps are perfect for vans. The set features a perforated design which helps maintain better stability for loading. With the rugged build, you can lift to 1500lbs of weight without worrying about safety. 


  • Foldable for convenient storage
  • Rubber-tipped fingers for firmer grip


  • Poor finishing 

Pit Posse Pair For Lawn Mower


These are perfect for the frequent loading and unloading of heavy vehicles. It features excellent craftsmanship with superior safety features. Moreover, the set does not require any assembling and comes with rugged joints, crossbars, and hinges for a better grip. 


  • Superior safety features
  • Build allows better grip
  • High-quality craftsmanship


  • Not fully extended 

Yaheetech Tri-Fold Lawnmower Ramp


This tri-fold ramp is ideal for pickup trucks and can lift to 1500lbs of weight. With high-quality joints and hinges, the set offers great gripping capabilities. The foldable design makes it highly portable and easy to store. 


  • Convenient for transportation
  • High levels of traction and stability


  • Poor quality finishing
  • Does not include safety straps

2 Pcs Big Boy Loading Ramps


This is another excellent set for individuals looking for portability and convenience. With its 1500lbs lifting capacity, the foldable design makes it perfect for all types of needs. These can be folded to halve the original size for easy storage. 


  • Includes safety straps
  • Excellent foldability


  • Not very flexible

CARGOSMART 3092 Ramp For Lawn Equipment


Perfect for smaller vehicles, the S-curved design offers superior traction and usability. Its lightweight body can hold up to 750lbs of weight with a smooth loading and unloading experience. 


  • Innovative Design 
  • Better rolling experience


  • Not very flexible

VIVOHOME Loading Ramps for Lawn Mowers


This is another perforated design with excellent traction and safety features. Its curved build prevents slipping when loading and unloading heavyweight. The rugged body ensures a safe and smooth loading experience even with unevenly distributed weight. 


  • Adjustable safety straps
  • Superior safety features


  • Can be challenging to use

ZENY Loading Ramps for Lawn Mowers


ZENY loading ramps are low maintenance and ideal for snow bowlers and other four-wheeled vehicles. The set features a weather-resistant texture making it more tolerant to extreme weather. 


  • Safe arched design
  • Excellent traction


  • Poor safety straps

Ruedamann Loading Ramp for Lawn Tractors


This set combines a square design with a perforated texture to enhance the overall loading experience. Its top headboard features an innovative design that helps maintain a better grip. 


  • Lightweight and portable build
  • Better safety features


  • Low lifting capacity