Transmission Jacks: BendPak Range of Products

VD September 09 2021

To all the BendPak consumers out there who thought BendPak only makes great car lifts, you were unaware of another amazing product this whole time. It’s not only the car lift manufacturing that makes BendPak so popular, but the transmission lifts are also an important part of the BendPak product portfolio.

If you have ever closely seen a car or truck workshop, then you can easily identify a transmission lift jack. These jacks are by far one of the most commonly used tools in a workshop.

The overall structure of the transmission lifts can confuse you about the overall function of this tool, but in fact, it is very easy to use. The jack is used to lift certain sections of a car or truck to a certain height. Of course, it’s possible to use a car lift to do the job, but a car lift isn’t that portable.

A transmission lift jack is portable and can easily fit within the back compartment of a car or a truck. That’s why most of us must have often seen these jacks in action along roadsides, helping the driver to change the punctured tire.

Some of the best BendPak manufactured transmission lifts


Are you looking for a jack made for sheer strength lifting? Then RTJ-3000 can fit your expectations perfectly. Here’s the interesting part: the RTJ-3000 has a 1.5-ton weight lifting capacity, one of the largest among transmission lifts.

The RTJ-3000 falls under the umbrella of the renowned ‘Ranger’ series manufactured by BendPak. The Ranger series of transmission lifts contains the heaviest lifting transmission jacks, including the RTJ-3000.

The overall design of the lift includes a foot-operated pump backing a two-stage design and an alloy plated ram. According to the experts, this amazing weight holding ability of the RTJ-3000 is possible because of the use of alloy-based components within the lift structure.

The base has a wide dimension setup of 34 x 34 inches, which is impressive for a transmission lift with this much weight holding capacity. The table comes with steel roller bearings installed underneath the table to minimize friction as much as possible during table adjustment. As a result, the table can be adjusted smoothly and effortlessly even under constant external pressure while operating the lift.


This is one of the very first released transmission lifts of the Ranger series. Talking about the statistics, this is also the first model of transmission jacks that have dominated the world automobile industry for a while. With a 1-ton weight lifting capacity, this jack is nothing less than a mechanical beast.

RTJ-1 comes with a great fully sliding and adjustable saddle. This allows the transmission lift to easily adapt to the transmission dynamics of most cars and light trucks. The chain anchors also make sure that the jack always has a fail-safe weight overload system at all times. 

In terms of installation, the RTJ-1 is very easy to install. All you need to do is to follow a few steps. First, you need to slide the transmission jack into the desired place. Now, use the convenient pull handle and slowly begin adjusting the position of the jack. Finally, pump the jack with the foot-pedal. It is that simple.

The jack also comes with two separate push/pull handles. This increases the overall handling capability of the transmission lift by many times. As a result, even first-time users can easily work around the tool and set it up perfectly.


Known for its upright lifting dynamics and impressive 1100 Lbs weight lifting capacity, the RTJ-1100 is a personal favorite transmission lift of most experts. In terms of compatibility and portability, this jack lift is a rockstar. You can easily fit it even in the trunk of an average passenger car.

The jack has a rugged construction. But that does not mean that the RTJ-1100 is anything less than other popular Range series transmission lifts. This jack comes with a 24 inches wide base responsible for providing stability to the RTJ-1100 structure when working at full capacity.

But most people do not know about the most useful feature of RTJ-1100. According to BendPak, this particular transmission lift comes with a durable and reliable overload safety feature. In simple words, no matter what kind of unfortunate mishap happens, the jack will never go down due to hydraulic failure or similar reasons.

Also, the heavy-duty chain anchors and the steel swivel casters provide extra support to keep the lifted portion of a car or truck in place for a long time. But still, a single staged alloy plated ram can underperform sometimes.

The BendPak Promise

Quality, durability, and pure class - that’s the motto. These are the three fundamental principles that laid the foundation of the Transmission Jack set up decades ago. Before the Transmission Jack ‘Ranger’ series, there were various kinds of transmission lifts available in the market, but not even a single one of them was more innovative and easier to use.

This is where BendPak, a car lift manufacturing giant, decided to set its foot in the transmission lifts business with the Transmission Jack ‘Ranger’ series. 

Why is using a transmission jack so crucial these days? First, using a car lift to lift a car or truck is surely a great option, but there’s one flaw. You can’t access a car lift anywhere at any time. You need to tow down your car or truck to the nearest workshop with a car lift.

On the other hand, transmission lifts, especially the BendPak transmission lifts, are portable and easy to use. In case of an emergency, the jack can be used easily, even by a first-time user. All you need to do is place the jack in position and start pumping the jack with the help of the foot pedal. 

The secret behind Ranger’s success

Now, let us talk specifically about the ‘Rangers’ series. Even today, most mechanics around the globe prefer ‘Rangers’ transmission lifts to be used in their workshops and garages. And there’s a secret behind this success.

Most of the time, car lifts are used to lift a vehicle when things get beyond the level of a simple tire change. In this situation, using a car lift is necessary. But let’s say the issue is more drastic than we all imagined.

Something is not right with the gearbox or the brake fluid of the vehicle. In this situation, we can’t use most of the transmission lifts available on the market today. The modern transmission jacks aren’t built for handling the heavy load of the transmission with enough stability. And this is where the ‘Range’ series transmission lifts outshine the rest.

The Range transmission lift can easily lift and stabilize the transmission of a vehicle as long as needed. All the mechanic needs to do is position the transmission jacks, pump them to the appropriate height, lock in the stabilizer and start working on the respective transmission section.