What is low beam headlights

Vlada April 04 2022

Motor vehicles all have headlights. They help humans see when it's dark outside. Some people can't see well in the daytime, either! Headlights are important to have because they keep other people safe from us and we stay safe from others too. You should be learning about when to use your headlight and how at school in class.

High Beams and Low Beams

Headlights have two lights. The low beam and the high beam. Low beams light up in front of you, but high beams go forward and up into the sky. When it is dark outside, you need to use your low beam headlights so that other people can see you coming.

When you use your high beams, it means that the light is not blinding the other driver. This makes it safer for both of you. High beam headlights cast a brighter light in a wider area, around 350 feet or more. They point in a straighter line, which means there's extra light to help you see farther ahead of you down the road and see more along the sides of the roads. 

It also means there's more light directed straight into the eyes of oncoming drivers. When your high beams are pointing into the eyes of drivers coming toward you, both of you are less safe.

Using Low Beam Headlights

Low beam headlights are good in traffic because they don't light up the sky very much and the light points down. This is so you can see where you're going and what's in front of you, but not blind those coming towards you from the other way. 

You should use your low beams when it's foggy, raining or snowing because these kinds of weather make it harder to see. High beams light up too much and make a glare that might make it hard for someone to drive.

Riding with Low Beam Headlights On

Different states have different laws about when you need to use your low beam headlights. You normally would not need them in the daytime, but they are important for motorcycle drivers. Studies show that if you use your low beams during the day, other drivers who are on motorcycles will be able to see your lights better and you will be safer than if you were using high beams or had no lights on at all. It is also important to always turn on your headlights, both during the day and at night, so other people can see us too. On https://lowbeambulb.com/ you can easily find the light bulb you need.