What Turn Signal Bulb Do I Need?

VD March 03 2022

One of the keys to your safety on the road is to be predictable and understandable to other drivers. Your actions should follow your logic so that other road users understand you and are able to navigate quickly. That's why cars are fitted with turn signal light bulbs - to alert other drivers to your direction of travel and to warn them of your next maneuvers.

You don't know what turn signal light bulb you need, and you're not sure what the difference is between a front and rear turn signal bulb?

In this guide, you will learn what type of turn light bulb you need, and what the difference is between a front and rear turn signal bulb. You can also find out what other types of bulbs are available for your specific vehicle.

Which bulb is the turn signal?


The turn signal bulb is the one that blinks when you indicate a turn. It is usually located at the front of the car, near the headlight.

Are front and rear turn signals the same bulb?


Yes, the front and rear turn signals are typically the same bulbs. However, there may be some cases where the rear turn signal is a different size or type of bulb. Check your vehicle's owner's manual or with your mechanic to be sure.

How do I know what turn signal bulb I need?

Turn the ignition switch to OFF and then back on. Turn on each turn signal in turn, ensuring that it works properly. Check for a burned or fried bulb (for example, the front or rear turn signal) by walking around the vehicle after selecting a turn signal direction to see which of the turn lights (for the turn side you selected), front or rear, do not light up. You can also have someone else help you by standing in front of or behind the car while you turn on the turn signals.

If the front turn signal bulb is out, you will need a 921 bulb.

If the rear turn signal bulb is out, you will need an 1157 bulb.

These are the two most common types of turn signal bulbs. Other, less common, types include 3157 and 7443.

3157 bulbs are used on some Ford vehicles.

7443 bulbs are used on some GM vehicles.

To be sure you're getting the correct type of bulb, consult your vehicle's light bulb chart on the website https://turnsignalbulb.com/.

Do turn signal bulbs have to be orange?


The quick answer is no, they don't have to be orange, but amber/yellow is appropriate almost everywhere in the globe.  

However, in many countries (including the United States), orange turn signal bulbs are required by law. This is because orange is a highly visible color, even in low light conditions.

So while you may be able to find turn signal bulbs in other colors, it's best to stick with orange to avoid getting pulled over or into an accident.

How do I know which tail light to buy?

Can I replace the turn signal bulb with an LED?


LEDs contain no mercury, so replacing turn signal bulbs with them is not an issue. LEDs use significantly less power than incandescent lighting which comes standard in most automobiles. Although LEDs have a lesser draw, hyper flashing may occur when turn signal bulbs are replaced with LEDs.

How much does it cost to replace the turn signal light bulb?

On average, it will cost between $14 and $30 to replace the turn signal bulb in your car. The cost will vary depending on the make and model of your car, as well as the type of bulb that you need. It is best to check with your local mechanic or dealership for an estimate. You can typically find replacement bulbs at your local auto parts store.

How to change your turn signal light bulb?

To replace your turn signal light bulb, you'll need to first locate the burned-out bulb. Once you've found it, use a wire brush or other tool to clean the area around the socket. This will help ensure that the new bulb makes good contact with the socket. Next, remove the old bulb by twisting it counterclockwise and pulling it out. To install the new bulb, simply insert it into the socket and twist it clockwise until it's tight. Once the new bulb is in place, test your turn signals to make sure they're working properly. If not, check your fuses and bulbs to see if any other repairs are needed.

Are the tail light and turn signals the same bulb

In many contemporary motor vehicles, one light bulb is used per tail light. Each light bulb has two filaments. The brake filament and the turn signal filament are different. When you're stopping with your turn signal on, the brake filament remains on while the other blinks.

Do front blinkers need to be amber?

No, they do not have to blink amber. You may install bulbs that flash white or amber in the front. They must alternate between yellow and red in the back. The casing/housing might be clear provided that the bulb blinks either amber or white in the front and amber or red in the rear.