Why is my brake light on?

Vlada April 04 2022

Sometimes, when you are playing the lottery or on a date, you don't know what will happen. The brake light in your car is not one of those times. When it's on, be sure to listen and do what it says. If it is blinking, that means there is something wrong with your brakes.

Ignoring this could lead to accidents or other problems and could be very dangerous for other people around you who can't stop their car as fast as you can if they need to suddenly hit the brakes for any reason. So make sure you turn off the engine so that no one gets hurt. If you can't find the right bulb for your brake lights, check out the quick guide at https://brakelightbulb.com/.

The Parking Brake Is Engaged

When your parking brake is on, the light will also be on. It will look like a red circle with "P" in it, or an exclamation mark "!" If you continue to drive when the parking brake is engaged, you can damage your brakes and rotors. After you release the parking brake, this warning light should go off. But if it doesn't go off for some reason then there is something else that needs to be fixed.

The Brake Fluid Is Low

For many cars, a yellow light with an exclamation point in the middle can mean that you need more brake fluid. The light might be yellow when you still have enough brake fluid to work, but if it turns red, you should see someone as soon as possible. A flashing red light can mean that your car needs more brake fluid but it could also be a problem with the hydraulic system. 

If the light is always on, there may be an issue with your braking system and it could stop working properly. An expert technician can tell what is wrong and help give your car another chance at life by changing out any bad parts or cleaning anything dirty.

There's A Problem With The Anti-Lock Brake System

Many new cars have a system called ABS. This helps the wheels from locking up and the car from skidding. The light that shows when this is on says "ABS." It may say something different on your car. When the light comes on, there could be many reasons for it, like an electrical problem or a broken wheel speed sensor. A technician with know what to do when they find out why your "ABS" light is on and can fix the problem.

Your Brake Light Bulbs Need To Be Replaced

Some cars will have a warning light on the dashboard if you do not have brake lights. If your friend can see that there are no red brake lights in the back of your car, they will tell you. There is probably a problem in the back of your car and it needs to be fixed.

If you need your parking brake checked or your brake fluid flushed, go to Firestone Complete Auto Care. They offer free inspections of the brakes on your car, and can help with other problems as well. You can visit a Firestone Complete Auto Care near you for a dashboard light diagnosis and free inspection of the brakes on your car. If they find anything wrong, they'll fix it for you.